Arabic learning app offered by Kaleela

Did you ever considered the option of trying to learn Arabic language but you lack the time to participate in a course? Why not learn Arabic online using the Arabic learning app Kaleela? The app is a complete Arabic language source in just one place! So let us show you why the Arabic learning app Kaleela can help any language learner, regardless of their level

  • You can choose from a variety of courses available in many languages, either Modern Standard Arabic, Arabic dialects, Arabic alphabet. Kaleela offers these courses in a variety of languages, you will not be limited to only English.
  • Old fashioned language courses are no longer efficient in the era of technology. That’s why Kaleela includes videos if you want to learn the Arabic alphabet and how to properly master the Arabic calligraphy and precise audios throughout the lessons so you can learn to speak Arabic with proper diction.
  • Tailored for a non-native Arabic speakers. The way a native Arab learns Arabic is different from the way a non-native would, thus Kaleela combined teaching techniques that help efficient language acquisition.
  • Quality resource for Arabic dialects. There aren’t many online Arabic courses available for dialectal Arabic, so Kaleela is here to fill that gap.
  • Fits both beginning and advanced learners, since complexion is built upon advancing through the lessons.
  • Developed based on the 5 skills of language learning: listening, speaking, reading, writing and culture. We make sure that you get fully immersed in what Arabic language.
  • With a wide range of topics, Kaleela makes sure to teach usable daily vocabulary that will help you be an independent speaker.

So why not visit us at and download our Arabic learning app and give it a try!