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Khoisan Sub Families

(27 Languages)

The Khoisan or Khoesaan languages compose the smallest and least well supported phylum of African languages. Historically, they were mainly spoken by the Khoisan (Khoi and Bushmen or San) people. Today they are only spoken in the Kalahari Desert in southwestern Africa, and in a small area in Tanzania. The only widespread Khoisan language is Nama, with a quarter of a million speakers; Sandawe is second in number with about 40,000, some monolingual; and the Ju language cluster has some 30,000 speakers total. Many of the other languages are becoming increasingly rare or moribund, and several are known to have become extinct. Most have no written record.

Sandawe Sandawe
Southern Africa
Hain//um Hai||om
Kwadi Kwadi
Nama Korana, Nama, Xiri
Tshu-Khwe - North Central: Shua,
- Northeast: Kua, Tsoa,
- Northwest: ||Ani, ||Gana, Kxoe,
- Southwest: |Gwi, Naro
  |Kx'au||'ein, Kung-Ekoka, Ju|'hoan, Maligo, !O!ung, Vasekela Bushman.
!Kwi Seroa, N|u, |Xam, ||Xegwi
!Hua Hua, !Xóõ.