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French language

French language French is the third-largest of the Romance languages, which is spoken by 120 million people roughly as a mother tongue. This language is descended from Latin and there has been also significant influence from Ancient Greek.

French is also an official or administrative language in 30 countries among communities and international organizations, such as the European Union, International Olympic Committee, World Trade Organization, NATO, FINA, FIA, UCI, FIFA, World Anti-Doping Agency, United Nations, African Union, International Court of Justice, IHO, International Secretariat for Water, International Political Science Association, International Bureau of Weights and Measures, European Broadcasting Union, ESA, Universal Postal Union, Interpol.

French language is among the six official languages of the United Nations and its agencies. The status of French, as a leader language for international communications, has declined since its apogee in the 18th and 19th centuries due to the growth of English speakers, but nowadays, this language maintains a prominent position.

Legal Status in France

Legal Status in France By the Constitution of France, French has been the official language since 1992, but there are other languages which are spoken by minorities. The government of France orders the use of French language in official government publications, public education and legal contracts, but these dispositions is often ignored, and the advertisements must bear a translation of foreign words.

Contrary to a common misconception both in the American and British media, the government does not prohibit the use of foreign words in websites or any other private publication, this way, it does not violate the constitutional right of freedom of speech.

The misconception may have arisen from a similar prohibition in Quebec, Canada. Which made strict application of the Charter of the French Language between 1977 and 1993; this application was for commercial services offered within the province, but it did not include the private communication.

Regional Varieties
Acadian French African French
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German French Indian French
Jersey Legal French Lao French
Levantine French Maghreb French
Meridional French New Caledonian French
Newfoundland French North American French
Oceanic French Quebec French
South East Asian French Swiss French
Vietnamese French West Indian French

Derived Languages
Antillean Creole Haitian Creole
Lanc-Patuá Mauritian Creole
Michif Louisiana Creole French
Réunionese Creole Seychellois Creole
Tay Boi

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