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Teaching Staff

AG Mate Academy staff are trained professionals as required by National ELT Accredited Scheme (NEAS).

The majority of the staff are Australian. All teachers are native speakers of English but some may come from other countries such as England, Canada, USA and New Zealand.

There are also staff that come from other countries around the world. They have the ability to understand the needs of international student's as most of the staff have first hand overseas traveling and teaching experience.

At the Beginner level, the student learns basic vocabulary, simple verbs and common phrases to use in everyday life.

The students increase their vocabulary and learn the use of different tenses, such as Simple Present and Simple Past. The language to use in different situations is taught.

Students build on the skills learnt in Elementary and learn about more complex sentences using passive and conditional tenses. Reading a variety of texts and writing stories and letters is important.

:Building on the skills learnt in Pre-Intermediate, the students study more complex forms of sentences using modal and conditional forms. In their speaking, they learn to agree, disagree and politely complain. In writing, the students make comparisons and write letters of applications for jobs.

All tenses are used at this level and students are expected to compare and choose the correct form. Students take part in discussions about a wide range of issues and read and comprehend a variety of texts. Research, report writing and formal letters are included in the writing session.

The students in this class have learnt all the skills but need to polish their use of English. All skills of Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening are taken to a higher level. Two text books are used: Matters and Distinction.

School name:A G MATE ACADEMY
Address:Level 4, 37 Pitt Street, Sydney
Zip & city:2000 Sydney
Phone:(612) 9241 4134

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A G MATE ACADEMY Language School Location

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