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Academia Buenos Aires

The Institute
We have founded the Academia Buenos Aires in the belief that we have a special service to offer to our foreign students. All of us have worked with foreign students before, either as teachers, host families, or guides.
None of us has found the kind of professional teaching, high-quality housing and rich social life that we offer anywhere else in Buenos Aires.

The Teachers
All of our staff are professional language teachers with relevant university degrees from top universities in Argentina. All of them are native speakers, of course. Most of them speak at least two other languages and have extensive experience in working with students from abroad.

Our academic coordinator’s objective is not only to coordinate classroom activities, but also to maintain our high teaching quality standards.


Academia Buenos Aires offers 6 different levels of classes (from “Beginner” to “Very Advanced”) to meet the special requirements and enhance the learning of each and every student. Learning sessions take place in group classes. Every level has its own communicative, grammatical and pragmatic objectives. On every level, professors use a great variety of learning situations, mixing oral communication and listening comprehension using audio and video, text reading, etc.

Every level has one part of its content dedicated to social, cultural and political life in Argentina and to Argentine and Latin-American history.

When our students arrive at the Academia Buenos Aires, our academic supervisor determines their skill levels by means of a short oral and written test. As a result of this test, and taking into account the needs of the student, his or her individual study program is determined. We offer group and individual classes. Students are allowed to mix their schedules with group and individual classes.

- Level 1: Initial
- Level 2: Elementary
- Level 3: Intermediate
- Level 4: Advanced Intermediate
- Level 5: Advanced
- Level 6

Cultural Activities

Discover Buenos Aires
Spot the different architectural influences due the great influx of European immigrants from the late 19th and early 20th centuries! In addition to European arquetectural influences, Buenos Aires has many recent and modern buildings, reflecting its various urban transformations.

Tango classes
With the help of the most experienced professors and the best tango academies, we will show you the secrets of the sensual argentine dance.

In Buenos Aires, students are sure to get a dose of Latin-America’s best and most passionate futbol (soccer). Should students present an interest we’ll accompany them to the stadium for a Sunday afternoon match.

Easily frightened folks beware! The rivalries between teams are fierce and matches often become chaotic, especially between two rival teams in Buenos Aires; River Plate and Boca Juniors. Attending a Sunday afternoon match is a great, and heart-stopping way to experience Argentina's passion for soccer.

Students are also able to watch or practice other sports like horseback riding, polo, tennis, etc. in various clubs and gyms throughout the city.

School name:Academia Buenos Aires
Address:Calle Hipólito Yrigoyen 571, piso 4
Zip & city:1086  Buenos Aires
Phone:+54 11 4345 5954

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Academia Buenos Aires Language School Location

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