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The School Italian Language School Accademia Leonardo is situated in a historic noble building in the historical center of the City of Salerno. One side of the school looks out upon the city's botanical garden, Theater Verdi and the Castle of the Prince Arechi, a mighty fortification erected by the Byzantines. The other side views the sea and the city's port. Italian Language Courses Our standard Italian language courses are divided into 7 levels, from Complete Beginner to Superior Levels. There are 4 lessons a day, Monday through Friday. One lesson lasts 55 minutes. Our aim is to put grammar into real communication situations and to invite students to practice the linguistic knowledge they have acquired. Even complete beginner students will use Italian from the first day. The classes do not exceed 12 pupils, thus ensuring a quality learning environment. At the end of the course every student will receive a certificate of attendance. Courses: >Italian Standard Courses >Italian Intensive Course >Italian Standard Course PLUS >Italian Professional Courses >Italian Language Courses for Senior 50+ >Italian Language Courses for Junior Activities and Leisure Time Accademia Leonardo organizes during the week and on weekends as well, together with people from Salerno, young and not so young as well, activities for the students so they can be involved in everyday real-life. We describe some of the main activities that we offer to our students. Our activities program varies every week. The first Day The first day at school, students are given a detailed calendar of social events they can take part in during their stay. Salerno offers so many opportunities for culture and leisure that it is impossible to get bored! Guided Visit to Salerno Students will discover the city visiting its museums, monuments and places of historic and artistic interest. Morover, a member of the staff will show them how to get around the city, where to go, where to eat, where the shops and banks are located. Excursions Accademia Leonardo organizes half or full day excursions to find out more about famous places around Salerno. Capri, Pompei, Amalfi, Positano, Paestum, Velia, Ischia, Palinuro, Naples and Ravello are all within a very close proximity and they worth a visit. Sports Canoeing, swimming and football and volleyball are only a few of the sports that can be practised here. It is possible to watch football matches of “Salernitana”, our football team!

School name:Accademia Leonardo
Address:Piazza Umberto I, n. 1
Zip & city:84121  Salerno
Phone:+ 39 (0)89 25 82 544

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