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Apu Inty Spanish School

The School The Apu Inty Spanish School was established in May, 2001. It is recognised by Ecuadorian Ministry of Education, (Reg.287 DINNEPP) providing a suitable learning environment for students from around the world seeking to learn/improve their Spanish. Our Methodology Our personalized, student-centered methodology is based on individual interests, needs and learning styles. You will learn Spanish with up-to-date textbooks and additional materials suitable for practice purposes, such as cassettes and video tapes. Regular homework assignments will help to gain a deeper understanding of the course material and to ensure that every student can maintain the class’s pace. Your teacher will give you individual advice on exam preparation. Our program is flexible in terms of length, content and sequence. Courses in Apu Inty We believe that one-to-one classes provide the most personalized and effective methodology at every level. Our courses are tailor-made to student’s individual needs and are based on our diverse collection of materials. For those who prefer group study, we offer mini-groups of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 students of the same language level. Normally, our students rotate through different teachers each week to provide a variety of experiences. If requested, however, it is possible to keep the same teacher during the duration of the course. In addition to one-to-one classes, at an additional price, students and teachers may visit museums or other places of interest in order to enrich the learning experience. The school’s emphasis is on conversation, although our classes also include: grammar, audio, writing and reading materials. For students with special needs we offer classes that emphasize the following: * Business Spanish * Medical Spanish * Spanish/Latin American literature * Full immersion intensive Spanish Accommodation Stay with an Ecuadorian Family Stay with an Ecuadorian family to experience full cultural immersion during your studies in the Apu Inty Spanish Program. By sharing the home of an Ecuadorian family, students have a valuable insight into the life and culture of our country. They not only learn how we speak, but also how we think. Hostel Stay Stay in a beautiful, colonial-style hostel within a short walk to the school and in the main tourist area of Quito.The Huauki Hostel is located in the central Mariscal area of Quito. The house was built in 1940 and has been declared a National Historic site by the City of Quito.

School name:Apu Inty Spanish School
Address:Xaura 159 y Fosh
Zip & city: Quito

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Apu Inty Spanish School Language School Location

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