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Arabic in Luxor

Students of every level of proficiency are welcome to join the courses of standard modern Arabic. After a written and oral test at the very beginning of the session each student is assigned to the course appropriate to his level. There are four levels : beginners, intermediate, advanced and superior. The mother tongue of all the teachers is Arabic. The daily four hour lessons are held five days a week from Monday to Friday and the number of students for each class is limited to eight. In this school the approach to learning the Arab language is one of humanistic communication whereby each pupil plays a positive central role in the teaching activity. The tuition methods used are based on the principle that a language is learnt in order to communicate in situations encountered in real life. The techniques used allow the student to practice what he already knows in conversational situations. In parallel to conversational activities such as scene play, role play and group discussions; there are also games which stimulate further communication in the language. For each level the college awards a certificate. Accommodation The convent at Luxor (which provides the school's accomodation) costs 5€ per night with the added use of a kitchen. The convent offers rooms with either 3 or 4 beds and kitchen/bathroom facilities, a large common room, bed linen and towels. With advance notification and depending on availability, we can offer only temporary accomodation in the convent, prior to ulterior arrangements: students are encouraged to find themselves an appartment or hotel room. Family Accomodation with a family including breakfast and dinner costs 60 € per week. This type of arrangement is not easily chanced upon: few families agree to accomodate students in their own homes. Hotels Hotels: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 depends how much you want to spend! Appartments Appartments: these can be shared with other students from the school or with Egyptian students from the art college...a wide variety of depends on your budget and the degree of comfort necessary to you

School name:Arabic in Luxor
Address:Treviso, via Montello, 4
Zip & city: Luxor
Phone:0039 (0)422 304242

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