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Arabic Language Center Cairo – Mannheim A universal revolution of communication has taken place between the North and the South based on technological progress, economic co-operation and tourism. There is a renewed call to learn Arabic given its increased importance in the social and professional spheres. This has not existed at any other time. Arabic is now one of the six international languages, a knowledge of which is very useful. The AZ known for its effective and efficient teaching policy has had ten years experience in both Egypt and Germany. The Center fully utilizes all methodological and technical means available. Our Center in Cairo is considered one of the most ambitious and industrious language centers in the Arabic field. We continuously work hard on the improvement of teaching methods in co-operation with the Egyptian Ministry of Education and Culture. We are pleased to present our new program which focuses on teaching Arabic while acquainting the student with its native speakers, their culture and nature. Our aim is to bridge the gap of understanding among people, which requires patience, tolerance and intelligence. Accommodation in Cairo With Host Families: We offer you this opportunity to be able to learn about the every day life in an objective way, something that will remain unknown to most of the tourists visiting Egypt. We have carefully selected host families for course participants. In the friendly atmosphere with your host family you will easily find your way in the new surroundings. In a flat: You also have the option to live in a typical residential flat (4to 7 individuals, no meals) The flats are modestly furnished. There is a bathroom, a kitchen, a living room and 3 to 5 bedrooms (sharing flat). At a hotel: According to your wishes, we can arrange bed and breakfast accommodation in a small hotel with an Egyptian atmosphere. Please inform us regarding the type of accommodation you prefer on your registration form. Levels of language courses After registering for the courses, every participant gets a form indicating his/her level. According to the data mentioned in this form, participants are classified in the level of study suitable for them: Level 1: Elementary I This is for participants having no knowledge of Arabic. Level 2: Elementary II This is for participants having a very limited knowledge of Arabic. You know the Alphabet and you can read and write Arabic. Level 3 : Intermediate I This is for participants having basic knowledge of Arabic with a vocabulary of about 800 words. Level 4 :Intermediate II This is for participants who know basic linguistic structures of Arabic with a vocabulary of not less than 1500 words. Level 5: Advanced I This is for participants who have good knowledge of the Arabic grammar and a vocabulary of not less than 2000 words. Level 6: Advanced II This is for participants looking for word to mastering Arabic fluently.

School name:Arabic Language Center
Address: 534 The Saudi Egyptian Housing Project El-Sawah Square
Zip & city: 11281 Cairo

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Arabic Language Center Language School Location

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