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Your Spanish course in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most fascinating destinations in the world to learn Spanish. Costa Rica is the oldest democracy in Central America and a very safe country to travel. The citizens of Costa Rica call themselves “Ticos” and we like to think that that they are among the nicest people on earth.

Costa Rica is famous for its ecology and it offers an amazing variety of scenery and activities. It has become one of the most popular destinations to learn Spanish. The combination of studying and activities is unbeatable.

Turrialba – Campus

Our campus is located on the immense grounds of our proud host CATIE, (Central Agronomic Tropical Investigation Ensensia). This is Central America’s oldest and most respected research facility with over 450 acres of agriculture, administrative centres, housing, schools, laboratory, pool, library, club and lake. All facilities and the entire grounds are open to our students to enjoy and utilize

The school has a reception area with general information about CATIE and the surrounding countryside, Internet access, sitting room, kitchen, bathroom and three indoor classrooms. There are also three outdoor classrooms or ranchitos and a porch. In the back of the school the ranchitos are shaded by two very large and very old trees, which create a wonderful backdrop in which to have classes.

Our students are able to utilize the different services available at CATIE such as the bank, post office, office, library and cafeteria. They can also pay an extra fee to utilize the fully equipped gym, which has a sauna, aerobics and dance studio. There is also a club that students can join for $10 a month which entitles them to use the Olympic size swimming pool, table tennis and pool tables as well as an international restaurant. As members of the club, students will be able to attend all special events and parties such as their Mother and Father’s Day celebrations.

Deluxe Course

The Deluxe Course program was developed to help you enjoy the best of Costa Rica with the minimum of hassle. You’ll be taken care of from the moment you land at the airport!

The Deluxe Course program consists of:

* Intensive Spanish course (4 hours per day group course)
* Airport pickup and overnight stay at our San Jose guest house
* Routing and bus fare to your first school (does not include return bus trip or transportation between schools)
* Internet access
* Lunches at school
* Health insurance for your stay in Costa Rica (I)
* Laundry service (Dominical only - host families do your laundry in Turrialba)
* One mid-week 1/2 day adventure tour per week
* One weekend full-day adventure tour per week

All the Deluxe Course features can be purchased separately but not necessarily through the school.

Intensive Course:

Our intensive Spanish course is the building block of your Spanish language study. We distinguish 8 different levels so regardless if you are a beginner or already speak Spanish, there will always be a group that suits your Spanish language skills.

Please note: If you study for more than 12 weeks, you receive a 15% discount on tuition fees. If you study more than 20 weeks, you receive a 20% discount on tuition fees.

Learn Spanish:
From absolute beginners to advanced speakers, our Spanish intensive course helps you develop your language skills quickly, make new friends and learn about Spain, Argentina or Costa Rica and its culture.

Immerse Yourself:
Our Intensive Spanish courses consists of 20 hours of classes per day [4 hours per day Monday till Friday] in two blocks of two hours. Each block is taught by a different teacher to keep you and the teacher sharp. This way, you immerse yourself completely in the Spanish language and you will progress the fastest way possible.

All Levels:
We distinguish a total of 8 different levels so there is always a group that is right for you. If you already speak some Spanish, you are invited for a level test on the first Monday of your course at 09:00 to assess your level.

Every Monday:
If you already speak some Spanish, you can start every Monday. If you are a true beginner then you can start every 2nd Monday from September to June and every Monday in July and August. Check here for start dates.

Flexible Duration:
You can choose for how long you wish to study and when you want to start. Our total academic program spans 52 weeks and you have to sign up for a minimum of 1 week.

School name:Babylon Idiomas
Zip & city:3493 Turrialba
Phone:488 1585

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