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British Yemeni Arabic Institute

COURSES All courses are offeres at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Part time course for busy people 40 hours over ten weeks two sessions per week (9.30 - 11.30 or 4.30 - 6.30) or (6.30 - 8.30) Full time course over three semesters five days a week (9 - 12.30) Business Arabic for second language Arabic speakers 40 hours over ten weeks two evenings a week (4.00 - 6.00) or (6.30 - 8.30) Intensive summer courses (June-August) 70 hours over four weeks 5 days a week (9 - 12.30) *This course include visits outside Sana'a Travel/Study tours 2 weeks, August and September week 1: based in Sana'a week 2: land cruiser travel with tutor/guide Customised courses for indivduals and groups Academic, business or cultural focus PHILOSOPHY All courses are taught through a communicative approach, recognising the need to integrate the skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing to be able to use the language effectively. Students begin speaking Arabic from the first lesson. The courses are taught in formal spoken Arabic. Where appropriate Yemeni vocabulary is intoduced. Small class size gives the right balance of challenge and support for the individual. The Institute uses a combination of published and in-house designed teaching materials. TEACHING The team of teachers is experienced and highly motivated. They are well qualified in Arabic language and speak fluent English. For the beginners course, English is used as the instruction language. The teachers' lesson planning is monitored to ensure planned progression for all students. Continuous teacher asessment is linked to student self-evaluation and target setting. The Institute offers a professional development programme to keep the teachers up to date with the latest methodology and resources. ACCOMMODATION The Institute is based in a traditional Yemeni villa with gardens and situated in a quiet residential area. The classrooms and social areas are comfortably furnished, taking pride in the use of Yemeni design. Refreshments are available at any time. Through out their time at the Institute the students are able to make use of modern technology eg. internet, video and satellite television. Accommodation and visas can be organised for students travelling from abroad

School name:British Yemeni Arabic Institute
Address:24 Street Hadda, Sana'a
Zip & city:16204 Sana'a

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British Yemeni Arabic Institute Language School Location

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