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Buenos Aires Centre

Our Methodology

We believe in an immersion classes, in which you will do most of your communication in Spanish. Our teachers will conduct nearly all their lesson in Spanish, which is great to improve your listening skills. They are very good at speaking at your level of Spanish, so you will be stretched but not lost. But we do use a little English for the first beginners.

As well as the Spanish immersion in our classes, you are also immersed in the Argentine culture with our homestays, tours, and social outings. Your learning of Spanish does not stop when you leave the classroom.

When you choose Buenos Aires Centre as your Spanish school, you will be in the heart of Buenos Airies where you can easily experience the Argentine culture and tourist sites.

At Buenos Aires Centre, our classrooms are separated by real walls so activities in one classroom do not interfere with the activities of the other classrooms.

We make our classrooms into friendly places where you will feel that learning Spanish is both possible and pleasant. We encourage you to speak to give your opinions and ideas.

Our classes have a maximum of six students (up to 10 for groups travelling together). Most often, our classes are about three or four students.

BUENOS AIRES CENTRE has different options for your accommodation in Buenos Aires, these are choosen

by their comfort and the quality of their services.

BUENOS AIRES CENTRE is always thinking to give you the best with the most affordable fees.

We have a Network of Hostels, Hotels and University Housing offering this great advantange for you:

Savings of Time and Money for your best Spanish Learning in Argentina

BUENOS AIRES CENTRE as well offers super-intensive Spanish courses and Programs, which may take place in

our school, in comfortable host families settings or in places of interest if that is the student´s will with very affordable fees.

In BUENOS AIRES CENTRE, you will receive the kind of personalized attention to develop the four main communication

skills of speaking, reading, listening and writing with accuracy, fluency and pronunciation.

School name:Buenos Aires Centre
Address:Sarmiento 833 - 4th "B"
Zip & city: Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires Centre Language School Location

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