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Buenos Aires Spanish


Beginner 1:
Giving personal information, greetings, personal pronouns, vos/ tú, nationalities, making questions, verb llamarse, verbs ser and estar, prepositions of time and place, irregular verbs, days and months, indefinite/definite articles, giving directions, demonstrative adjectives, possessive adjectives, hay/ estar, relative clauses to describe people and things.

Beginner 2:
Verbs gustar and parecer, preferences and desires, present progressive (estar + gerundio) reflexive verbs, direct/ indirect object, duplication of indirect object, irregular verbs, muy/ mucho, periphrastical future (ir a + inf.), expressions with verb tener, use of hay que, past imperfect tense, past indefinite tense.

Intermediate 1:
Contrast imperfect/ indefinite, past perfect, irregular verbs in the past, formal future, conditional mode, present subjunctive, past progressive, irregular subjunctive verbs. Work on typical errors produced by interference with mother tongue. Use of real materials (literature, newspapers, magazines, T.V. and radio programmes).

Intermediate 2:
Past subjunctive, use of se, passive and quasi-passive voice, verb patterns, prepositional phrases and adverbial clauses, lexical expansion (synonyms, antonyms, idioms, colloquial/ formal language, slang, etc. Use of real materials (literature, newspapers, magazines, T.V. and radio programmes). Use of material related to student's professional or personal interests. Writing practice.

Advanced conversation. Lexical expansion. Work on fluidity. Literature and newspaper reading and discussion. Advanced writing. Use of material related to student's professional or personal interests


Airport transfers (arrival and departure).
Theorical Spanish lessons.
Course study materials.
Contact with native speakers, in real communicative situations, parties, meetings, etc., and get to know the art, the city, and the habits of "porteños".
One local excursion.
A theatre performance, tango show or concert.
A city tour.
Tango lessons (optional, once a week).


Facilities and Local Area:

The apartment is located in Belgrano-Coghlan, one of the main residential and commercial neighbourhoods in Buenos Aires. It is also one of the safest neighbourhoods, with round-the-clock security staff.
It is modern, lively, full of light and tastefully decorated. It has a complete kitchen and bathroom, two bedrooms (with two beds or three beds each) which can accommodate four or five persons. The living-dinning room has a table with 4 chairs, a sofa, and large windows overlooking the street. It has been painted recently.
It covers a surface of 76 m2.
It is close to public transport (one block from the train station), movie theaters, square/ green areas, restaurants, parking, supermakets, gymnasium, banks, museums.



Shared terrace
Linen and towels
Refrigerator with fridge
Kitchenware and tableware
Cable TV
Musical equipment

School name:Buenos Aires Spanish
Address:Tronador 2679 PB “A”
Zip & city:1430 Buenos Aires
Phone: (5411) 4543-4922

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Buenos Aires Spanish Language School Location

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