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Canadian Provincial International College

The major point of CPIC's ESL Program is that it is unique program. CPIC's unique program has been proven to be very effective in providing exceptional English lessons to foreign students.

Specialized Classes(Conversation, Listening, Grammar, Writing)
Specialization of subjects benefits not only the student, but also the teacher. The student is given the full potential of educational expertise in the one subject area, and the teacher is more knowledgeable to the student. When a teacher gathers their resources for classes, they only need to concentrate on one subject, and therefore, they will become an expert on that subject.

Various Teaching Styles:
Instead of having one teacher instructing different classes throughout the day, we have integrated the system where one teacher is specific to one subject. That is, if a teacher is instructing a class in Listening, they will only teach Listening, and not Conversation. The student, therefore, has each of their courses taught by different teachers, and is able to recognize different teaching styles. This way, they will not rely on just one method of instruction, but rather, they will have a variety from which to gain valuable skills. Each person is different, and has their distinctive style, so teaching should be varied as well.

English Development:
As students are exposed to different teaching styles, their development of English is quicker than it would be if they were immersed into only one style. Their knowledge is increasingly expanded by having four teachers, instead of one teacher for four classes throughout the day.

School name:Canadian Provincial International College
Address:200-560 Granville street Vancouver, B.C. Canada V6C 1W9
Zip & city:1604 Vancouver
Phone:642 5933

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Canadian Provincial International College Language School Location

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