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Castila, Centro de Estudios Hispánicos

Course: Intensive Spanish: An intensive language course designed for anyone interested in starting their studies or in improving their communicative skills in Spanish. Contents, goals and teaching methods are geared to the communicative needs and the competence level of the student. The method is based on continuous practice. A program with 4 lessons per day. Classes begin at 9:30 a.m. and continue until a break at 11:15 a.m. The first two hours consist of in-depth study of specific aspects of grammar and oral practice. After the 30 minute break ('coffee time') the final two hours consist of oral and written activities: comprehension practice – audio-visual material and analysis of documents (magazines, books, television, radio) and conversational time related to the specific subjects studied during the morning. Classes end at 1:40 p.m. Practical exercises and constant participation of the student are guaranteed in all courses, in order to improve his/her oral expression and the other language skills: listening, reading and writing. Specific Purposes: The purpose of this course is to familiarize the student with this particular aspect of the Spanish language by using continued practice-analysis, exercises and conversation based on materials and hypotheses taken from real situations in the economic and business world. This will include business correspondence, specialized vocabulary, texts and conversation. Most students combine this course with a General Course or another Specific Purposes Course. Culture and Society The contents are history, art, politics, society, film, music, fashion, sports, etc. This course is designed to provide information about contemporary Spain and South America, taking into account the particular interests generated through discussion with students who already possess a good knowledge of Spanish. The ideology that guides us is a desire to explore all ideologies and to offer a vision of all visions. Most students combine this course with a General Course or another Specific Purposes Course. Spanish Literature This course is an introduction to the History of Spanish Literature as a specific use of the language. It is a detailed study of two different programs of books and authors. A special point is made of these periods: · The Golden Age · Second half of the 15th Century . Realism and Generation 98 · First half of the 20th Century, Generation 27, the Civil War and Post-war Diploma in Spanish as a Foraign Language D.E.L.E Awarded by the Ministry of Education and Science and organised by the Cervantes Institute, the exams take place in Granada and at other examination centres (all over Spain and many other countries in the World) in May, August and November. Exam registration can be handled by the school. The course is developed and prepared to enable students to obtain the D.E.L.E.'s diploma in all three levels: Intermediate-mid (Threshold), High-intermediate and Superior. The activities in the classroom are aimed at practising and improving the 6 parts of the exam: the 4 skills (writing, listening, speaking and reading) plus grammar and vocabulary. The program of the course includes a real exam at least once a week. Option I: Complete preparatory course. 5 classes daily, 25 classes per week. Option II: Complementary course. 1 class daily, 5 classes per week. Extracurricular Activities: This is a fundamental part of Castila´s teaching method. Program of activities is changed every 2 weeks. This provides opportunities for students to show, reinforce and enjoy what they have learned in the classroom. To achieve cultural immersion in a foreign country, we consider that it is necessary to know the language, but there is much more. In Castila we have developed 47 different extracurricular activities that help students' integration in the Spanish life style. These activities are of very different kinds: thematic evenings, musical evenings, Spanish moviestrips, excursions, "tapas-tour", "paella in the garden", sports...

School name:Castila, Centro de Estudios Hispánicos
Address:Aljibe del Gato, 1. Granada 18010 España
Zip & city:3495 Granada
Phone:8 205863

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Castila, Centro de Estudios Hispánicos Language School Location

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