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Center for Arabic Language and Eastern Studies (CALES)

Welcome to CALES, where we are dedicated to teaching you the Arabic Language in the heart of mediaeval Sana’a. The accent here remains the closest to Classical Arabic, enabling you to continue your lessons outside the classroom, right from the word go. As the only institute in Yemen to be affiliated to a university, all our teachers are of the highest calibre and will provide you with the best tuition available. With highly qualified teachers, reasonable fees and a stunning location, we are confident that CALES really is the best place to study Arabic. Philosophy CALES is devoted exclusively to teaching Arabic. We believe that by specializing we are better able to understand and respond to the needs of our students. Lessons are based on an integrated approach to language teaching, and communicative and natural learning methods predominate. We rely on linguistic specialists and the latest research when developing our curricula and materials, and we keep all elements under constant review. While all language skills are promoted, our teaching gives priority to spoken Arabic. We expect students to be able to speak simple Arabic after only one or two lessons and from day one you will be communicating with you teacher and classmates in Arabic. Housing Most students who come to Yemen for the first time choose to live in the residence house, which forms part of the main CALES building, set in the heart of Old Sana’a. The house is fully furnished and all residents have access to washing machines, modern kitchens, bathrooms and areas for relaxation and study. Clean sheets and blankets are provided for all rooms. Our cleaning staff looks after the bathrooms, halls and kitchen (excluding dishes and the fridge). Accommodation fees are paid on a monthly basis and are due on or before the first of the month. COURSES The standard CALES course consists of nine levels. By the end of this course, you should expect to be able to read and understand texts on topics of interest and be able to communicate in everyday situations. This route is designed primarily for individuals and groups who are looking to learn Standard Arabic, either for academic or personal reasons. For the beginner, classes focus on essential vocabulary and basic grammar (in the early stages grammar is taught implicitly, unless otherwise requested). In the later stages, the focus shifts to more in-depth grammar and a more extensive vocabulary is encouraged. Although all levels follow a set curriculum, the higher levels offer more opportunity for deviation from the course materials. We use additional resources both to help you to overcome linguistic weaknesses as they are identified, and to focus on areas of special interest. At all stages you are encouraged to make use of the center's location in the heart of Old Sana’a to develop your language skills further. It is impossible to gain a precise understanding of the usage of words without occasionally talking in Arabic to the local Arabs.

School name:Center for Arabic Language and Eastern Studies (CALES)
Address:Azzumar St., Old Sana'a Yemen
Zip & city:29107  Sana'a

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Center for Arabic Language and Eastern Studies (CALES) Language School Location

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