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Centro de Enseñanza de Espanol, LA HERRADURA

OUR SCHOOL Situated in a very good part of Montevideo, called: "Parque Rodo". This is a residencial area where you can find the National Library, bars, restaurants, shops and the university of Architecture and a beautiful big park. It is well known as a quiet area to live and for it's safety. The school itself is a very nice old house. On the ground floor there is the reception, the office, four large classrooms, a library, two toilets, a fully equiped kitchen, recreation room with television, a terrace and a yard where students can spend their breaks or meet after classes. This will be the place for meetings, like a welcome drink on the first day, barbeques or paella's on Friday evenings. On the first floor you can find the school residence. The school is at approximately 5 minutes walking distance from the beach main Centre of Montevideo. Close by there is a sport centre with a gym where you can play: volley ball, basket ball, tennis and football. A perfect opportunity for our students to get in contact with the locals and at the same time practise a sport. TEACHERS Graduated in Spanish philology and specialized in teaching foreigners. They have many years of experience in teaching Spanish to speakers of other languages and are very enthusiastic and friendly with our students. They are always ready to listen to any doubt or problem students may have with the Spanish language. Weekly meetings are hold with the teachers to discuss the progress of our students and to take on board their suggestions and comments. Every day, after classes one of our teachers is in the school during one hour to discuss difficulties with the students and to help them with any problem they may have in their Spanish study. Each student has his own tutor to help them in case they have difficulties with the study program. At the end of the course, students realize that they have not only learned Spanish but made new friends as well!! BOOKS The course books follow the most up-to-date methodology, in line with the active classes at the school. The course also includes workbooks for students use as supplementary exercises and as part of their homework. The school will let the books to the students during their stay. Each student will receive a copy of the lesson- and the exercise book on the first school day. Besides the books, students will receive photocopies of the additional materials offered, such as: grammar topics, conversation, literature, history, songs. THE COURSES Course A Intensive course consisting of four 55 min. lessons daily incorporating grammar, conversation, practical application of Spanish. Groups of 3-5 students. Course B Super intensive course consisting of six 55 min. lessons daily. As above, with more focus on conversation and practical application. Groups of 3-5 students. Course C One to one or semi private tuition. Course individually adapted to each students specific needs. Min. of two and max of six 55 min. lessons daily Course D Commercial course, for business people needing a basic adequate knowledge Spanish plus acquiring skills and vocabulary for use in the commercial world. Individuals needs met. 4 group lessons daily (3-5 students). 1 private or 2 semi private lessons. Course E A special course for children, consisting of three 55 min. daily classes Incorporating basic grammar, conversation, educational games. Minimum age of 8 years, maximum 15 years. Groups of 2- 4 students ( all students will need to be accompanied to Montevideo by an adult). Course F Leisure/learning course consisting of three 55 min. lessons daily incorporating grammar, conversation and practical application of Spanish. Groups of 4-6 students.

School name:Centro de Enseñanza de Espanol, LA HERRADURA
Address:Joaquín de Salteraín 1240 - C.P. 11200
Zip & city:5982 Montevideo

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Centro de Enseñanza de Espanol, LA HERRADURA Language School Location

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