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Centro De Español Vida Verde

Spanish Programs Learning One to One It’s no secret that the best and quickest way to learn Spanish is through intensive, one-to-one individual instruction. This is the primary teaching method used here at the Vida Verde Spanish Center. One-to-one instruction allows students to learn at their own pace and enables teachers to custom-design study programs to best meet the needs of their students. Small Group Lessons We offer small-group instruction for groups of 2 to 4 students. To form a group, it is necessary that the students are at relatively the same level. Students wishing to form a group may be required to take our placement exam so that we may determine the exact experience level of each student. Rotation Method In order to expose students to slightly different teaching styles, accents, dialects, and help them to recognize the variations of spoken Spanish, we have designed our program so that students generally study with a different teacher each week. This rotation method also allows students the opportunity to build relationships with more of the staff here at the Vida Verde Spanish Center. Excursions Ecuador and the city of Quito provide a boundless outdoor classroom in which to study and practice Spanish. This has inspired us to develop a program in which students have the option of spending a day out in Quito accompanied by their professor. Accommodation Homestay Program Our school has a relationship with a number of Ecuadorian families who are interested in hosting international students for a reasonable price. If you wish, we can arrange for you to stay with one of these Ecuadorian families in a residential area close to the school. We call this our "homestay" program because when you participate in this program, you are not only renting a room in somebody's house, you are being welcomed into their home as if you were a member of their family. Casa Vida Verde Casa Vida Verde is an attractive fully furnished residential hostel. It was created to provide a safe and comfortable residence for foreign students, workers and tourists who would like both independence and the opportunity to socialise with others. Both English and Spanish are spoken. Facilities * Permanent hot water 24hrs * Comfortable beds (no bunks) * Great views of Quito and the mountains * Roof-top terrace * Huge Kitchen with all essential items * No Bills –gas, water and electricity bills included * No cleaning – we clean facilities, rooms, towels, sheets and bathrooms (but you clean your own dishes!) * Security guards permanently outside 24 hrs. * Laundry service, large modern washing machine $2 per load or wash, dry and fold service for $3 * Television, DVD player, extensive DVDs * Outside garden area * Airport pickup * Breakfast menu available * Information service * Volunteer work information * Spanish lessons arranged in house in conjunction with ‘Vida Verde’ Spanish Centre Rooms * 4 private rooms with bathroom, desk, wardrobe (1-2 persons) * Shared room with four beds, desk, walk-in wardrobe and large bathroom * Rooftop cabaña, desk, wardrobe, bathroom (1-2 persons) * Private room with outside bathroom (1person)

School name:Centro De Español Vida Verde
Address:Leonidas Plaza N23-100 y Wilson
Zip & city:17 03 600 Quito

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Centro De Español Vida Verde Language School Location

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