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Centro de Idiomas Quorum

Teaching Staff: Their excellent academic background (all are Spanish Philologists with the necessary teaching qualifications) and motivation, which comes from an enthusiasm for sharing their language and culture with others, makes Quorum's courses so appealing to its students. Whether in the classroom, during the school's fiestas and evening activities, or as guides on the excursions, our team's continual dedication ensures that every opportunity is taken to allow you, the student, to learn, practise and perfect your Spanish. We have our own Teacher Training Course. This is the only way to ensure thorough training and that consistent methodological techniques are acquired. The result is a homogeneous and motivated teaching team, composed only of teachers who master the Quorum Method. They perform the dual role of teaching and serving as hosts! Courses: - Intensive - Super Intensive - Individual - Conversation - D.E.L.E - Business - Refresher - Grammar - Plus 50 - Flamenco & Spanish - Combined Course - Resident Courses Methodology: Our teaching method is communicative, and the principal objective is for students to develop their skills through a complete immersion in Spanish life. We have our own method. Quorum aims to: * Teach you a new language * Consolidate the Spanish language you already know * Encourage you to explore different ways of thinking about Spanish language and culture learning * Develop good study habits which can be used outside the Spanish classroom * Promote cultural awareness Quorum Spanish Courses include: - Practice with audio-visual support. Listening activities are included, with a variety of recorded dialogues and interviews, taped listening exercises, film extracts, television and radio programmes, advertisements, songs... Hearing Perception exercises aim at helping you understand authentic speech as it is spoken naturally. -Speaking exercises through role-plays, games and debates, meetings and activities. Verbal communication is a priority. - Conversation on subjects of general, social and cultural interest as well as contact with local people. The main focus is on developing speaking skills. - Classes in grammar. For a more comprehensive grammar, we have our own books. - Written exercises. Each based around a topic which you will find interesting and relevant. There are frequent vocabulary exercises and work on collocations, and you are encouraged to pay attention to speaking, writing and reading skills. - Reading is taught through authentic documents, such as newspaper articles, professional texts, administrative forms and literary extracts… - Learning Spanish with Quorum is characterized by the personal attention given to each individual. Each student in a Quorum language course is unique. - This personal attention approach is which allows students to obtain such good results. It's also the reason why Quorum Language Centre has been recognized as one of the specialists in complete immersion language courses.

School name:Centro de Idiomas Quorum
Address: C/ San Miguel, 25 29780
Zip & city:3495 Nerja
Phone:252 3788

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Centro de Idiomas Quorum Language School Location

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