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A few minutes from Parc de la Villette, CFILC welcomes you to its friendly, ideal environment created to encourage you to learn French.

Our buildings, located in a Parisian centre full of cultural activities, have been renovated to assure our learners with convenient services and facilities.

Our professors, with their experience and passion, teach you, guide you and follow your progress throughout the entire course.

Our administration and reception desk staff (with services and help in several languages) is also pleased to help you register and answer your questions.

Teaching method

Practical and communicative, our method focuses on contact and dialogue. It makes use of authentic written documents and audio-visual reference material, as well as daily-life contents to encourage conversation and assure constant progress.

Our efficient, dynamic method leads you to :
» express yourself thanks to :
* conversation themes
* play-roles
* debates
* daily situational contents
* amusing grammar drills
» comprehend with the help of :
* audio material
* visual recordings on French culture
» Write better with :
* exercises adapted to each level
* perfection course (advanced levels)
* literature articles and texts
* press articles

Levels & contents

» Full Starter:

* Becoming familiar with the language.
* Begin conjugations and concords.
* Form affirmative and negative sentences.
* Learn basic vocabulary (daily situations).

» Beginner:

* Master conjugations and concords.
* Express oneself in daily situations.
* State opinions.
* Reveal events (sports, activities) in present, past and future tenses.

» Elementary:

* Describe an object / person / situation.
* Present a situation or event.

» Intermediate:

* Communicate on simple common subjects, with proper use of essential grammar structures.
* Follow rather quick conversations.

» Advanced:

* Efficient conversation, with good competence in grammar and vocabulary.
* Comprehend French as spoken by native speakers.

» Perfection:

* This level addresses learners who speak French fluently, have a very good level of grammar and vocabulary, and whom would like to improve their writing skills


Familiarize yourself with the sounds of French, play with words, improve your writing skills, speak better and with ease, master grammar, know more about the civilization of the people and country of France.

Our language learning workshops in small groups of learners help you speed-up your progress in particular aspects - making full use of well-designed, amusing tailored exercises and drills.

You may take part in any of our workshops even if you are not registered for our general French classes.

School name:CFILC
Address:7, rue Duvergier
Zip & city:75019  Paris
Phone:01 40 05 92 42

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