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China Quest

Chinese language classes:

Each weekday for three hours, students will take intensive Chinese language classes which are taught by the professors of BeiHang University. There will be three levels of language classes depending on the student's request or ability of the Chinese language. The classes offer lectures on the Chinese language as well as instruction on written and oral communication. Students will be graded based on test results, completion of assignments and attendance. After the 3 weeks of classes and lectures, graduation ceremony will conclude with a Peking duck dinner. Students will receive their certificate of completion while honor students will obtain an award.

Culture activities:

* Chinese painting: Classes introduce elements of the traditional art of Chinese watercolor painting under the guidance of a professional artist.

Chinese calligraphy: Classes introduce the various calligraphy styles and features, participants then focus on perfecting one style of this ancient art form.

Chinese martial arts: The curriculum will teach students the basic forms and routines of Chinese contemporary Wushu.

Meet with Chinese students: Activities with Chinese students and native speakers are held throughout the program in order to facilitate the use of Chinese and encourage cultural and social exchange. Activities may include: basketball, bowling nights, karaoke nights, movie nights and more.

Evening activities: In the evening, group outings will take place to see various shows and performances such as Peking Opera, acrobatics, LaoShe Teahouse, Chinese movies, Karoake and etc.
* Weekend excursions: On weekends, students will tour the famous and historical sights in or surrounding Beijing for the entire day. Great Wall, Ming Tombs, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Beijing Zoo, Temple of Heaven, WangFuJing Street, the Hutong Tour and a local farm are some places the students will visit.

Chinese Language Extension

The language extension to our program is for students who wish to further advance their Chinese in an intensive environment. After the 5 week program is over, students who select this extension will return to Beijing for Chinese language classes and private tutoring at Beijing International Studies University.

The program offers 6 hours of intensive Chinese studies daily except for Sunday. In the morning, students will take Chinese language classes with no more than 5 students per class, focusing on oral and written communication. In the afternoon students will have one on one tutoring with Chinese student teachers to further expand the students' vocabulary and communication skills. The classes and tutoring will be individually designed to suit the Chinese language level of the student.

Program activities such as Chinese Calligraphy and martial arts and visits to Confucius Temple, Mao Zedong Memorial Hall, Chinese Science and Technology Museum, Beijing Ballet and a sporting event are included in the language extension.

The Chinese language extension runs for 15 days for participants of session 1 and 10 days for participants of session 2. Those students who wish to participate in this extension must apply at the time of submitting their application.

School name:China Quest
Address:700 Grand Ave. Suite 20
Zip & city:07657 Ridgefield

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