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The COINED Spanish school is located in the centre of the city, five minutes away from the pedestrian area, and three blocks from Mendoza's main avenue (Avenida San Martín).

Spanish School facilities: The school has 3 rooms. There is also a room for video and audio as well as Internet access for all students. There is a kitchen and there is also a backyard with a barbecue. The Spanish School is located about 10 blocks from plaza Independecia (Mendoza’s main square) and it is close to the Government House, the Municipality and the Palace of Justice.

Why taking a Spanish course in Mendoza?

Mendoza boasts beautiful landscapes and varied activities. This beautiful city hosts one of the most important ski resorts in South America, and its impressive rivers, valleys, mountains and vineyards make Mendoza an interesting place to visit where many adventure sports are practiced. The natural paths and strong rivers that descend from The Andes challenge every adventurer who can practice rafting, floating, mountain bike, horse riding, etc. Also, 150km from the city there are several ski centres, not only attractive in terms of beauty but also for their services and quality. Two examples of good ski resorts are Las Leñas and Potrerillos.

Mendoza offers a first-quality service which caters for all tastes and preferences. Besides, the city is quiet and known for its safety, ideal for a pleasurable and carefree stay. Mendoza turns out be a good choice to study Spanish in Argentina.

COINED intercultural programs share a common identity: the modern learning concept of cultural immersion. With this in mind, COINED offers the option of staying with a host family or with local students where you can practice and improve your language skills outside the classroom, whilst at the same time experiencing local life.

In general, the results of these experiences are long-lasting friendships. This is a great advantage, as you can continue to practice your Spanish several years after you have finished the program, via letters, e-mails, and telephone calls.

Whatever option you choose, we will take into consideration your likes and preferences regarding smoking, children, pets, and special diets. However, you must try to be flexible, realising that the host family has invited you to stay in their home and share their customs and culture with you. You must also consider that their daily habits can be different from the ones you are used to. You will receive your own set of keys, which will give you the freedom to come and go as you please and organize your own activities.


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