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Colonial Spanish School

Our philosophy is to treat both staff and students with respect, and to learn from cultural differences. We encourage an atmosphere of support, openness and understanding. Our courses include not only the Spanish language but also South American cultural awareness. We believe that it is important not only to teach you the Spanish language, but also to help you understand and acclimatise to South American life. And of course, we want you to have fun in the process! Our school was founded in 1991 by an European and an Ecuadorian, with the aim of bringing together the best of European and Latin American culture: European gravity and structure with South American “joy of life”. This doesn't mean that we only take European students – in fact, many of our students come from Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand, for example. We'd like to point out that our name doesn't mean that we celebrate colonialism, but rather that we celebrate the heritage of Quito, the beautiful colonial architecture of the old city, for example. Spanish Courses Tuition is usually one-to-one (one teacher, one student). We prefer teaching this way, as it gives students the full attention of the teacher and allows us to tailor the classes to fit your needs. However, we can also offer group classes. Although we generally recommend four hours study a day, you choose how many hours you want to study per week, and whether you prefer morning or afternoon classes. Accommodation Living with a Host Family Most of our students prefer to live with a host family while they are pursuing their studies, as it gives students the opportunity to practice their new language skills and forge relationships with Ecuadorian people. Many life-long friendships have emerged from these home stays. Private Apartments and Hotels If you desire, we can arrange lodging for you in a hotel or appartment. Please let us know your preferences and we will try to accommodate your needs. Social Activities The Help programme: Twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) we have a teacher on hand in the school, to help with homework, explain grammar, or to simply chat with students! (If you can’t come into the school you can also speak to the teacher over the phone). Cookery classes: Once a week, one of our teachers prepares a typical Ecuadorian dish with the students. This is a practical way to learn how to make some of the dishes that you may have enjoyed eating here. Salsa classes: Salsa, Latin America most famous dance, can be daunting if you don’t know the basic steps. So once a week we organize salsa and merengue classes where you can learn the basics and and gain more confidence to go out to the lively bars and clubs in Quito! Language practice activities : Once a week we run some kind of practice actitivities. These are fun activities! Typically we run some kind of interactive game which is first fun and sociable, and secondly gives students plenty of opporuntity to put into practice what they’ve been studying in class.

School name:Colonial Spanish School
Address:152 Pasaje La Isla and La Isla
Zip & city: Quito
Phone: (593 2) 2545635

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Colonial Spanish School Language School Location

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