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Corporate English

Corporate English is a company of English solutions for work and language training for companies and professionals. We are committed to provide our customers with effective language programs and learning tools for their use at work.

Since 1990 we have been training executives in Fortune 500 companies, multinationals and local companies as well as thousands of independent professionals and specialized workers.

To guarantee our leadership in quality service, we are exclusively focused on training adults who need English skills for their jobs, delivering an effective program that is also fun and pleasant to learn with.
At Corporate English your economy is also very important. As proof of our commitment to efficiency, during 2001 our consulting services managed a reorganization program in behalf of our client, an important American multinational, on which we helped them save over $ 250,000, increasing classes by 39 % and maintaining the same number of students.

Our technological level puts us at the forefront of the language training companies. We can provide reports of attendance, progress and billing with accuracy and lightning speed.

School name:Corporate English
Address:Tucuman 1539 9°91 (1050)
Zip & city:011 Buenos Aires

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Corporate English Language School Location

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