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Country Club Residential Language School

Country Club Residential Language School is situated in Dehra Dun, near the rolling mountains of the Shivalik range of the Himalayas. Based at Naturoville -a health spa for rejuvenation by nature therapy- It is a beautiful holiday and health resort in the pleasant suburban area. Covering more than 75000 sq. m, out of which 80% is green. It is a perfect combination of a focused learning atmosphere and a relaxed resort atmosphere. Country Club is not only about learning English, it is also about enjoying your visit to the 'Incredible India' - the hotspot for tourists from all over the world. Dehra Dun is the Education Capital of India - with a number of globally reputed English medium schools located here. Students from all over the country and world over come to Dehra Dun to pursue studies in various disciplines. It is one of the most preferred cities for staying in India. It is full of fun and activity with practically all the international food chains having their outlets here including Pizza Hut, Dominos, Café Coffee Day, Barista, Nirulas, etc. Some great evenings may be experienced at the discos and pubs. Certificate Country Club Residential Language School is being run under the aegis of a registered non-profit society, recognized by the State Education Department. The certificate of COUNTRY CLUB is widely recognized by government and private companies alike. COUNTRY CLUB certificate holders are confident and able speakers of English. Classrooms Contemporary, informal classrooms along with a wide range of education facilities, inspired by latest technology, a small library and self-study room, provide an ideal academic environment ensuring an overall first class language learning experience. The maximum size of each teaching group is fourteen. Small classes ensure a high level of individual attention. Faculty The highly experienced and trained English faculty has 'Teaching English as a Foreign Language' (TEFL) certificates and a Masters or Bachelors degree from a University. The teachers are willingly accessible to the students to assist them with all their needs. Country Club is managed by professionally qualified teachers with many years of experience in teaching English as a Second language. The Affiliation By The Council For The India School Certificate Examinations and Cambridge University, gained after a meticulous inspection of our operation, is a reliable hallmark of the high quality of the school. Courses The primary goal of a COUNTRY CLUB course is to develop effective communication skill in English. A learning environment is created encouraging a self-confident usage of the language. The courses are tailored to the needs of a mixed - ability class. The need based alternating is done between vocabulary and grammar. The courses are very accessible and attractive. Highly original tasks stimulate students to make their own personal contribution. At COUNTRY CLUB, the language teaching and learning is a mixture of things (part instinct, motor skill, system, culture artifact, music, part vehicle for content and part content itself) - it is flexible and is taught and learnt in a variety of ways. During the course the students become more capable of taking initiative, making decisions and judging what is good and useful. The students start useful habits, which continue after the course is over. The teachers follow the course and lessons plans or depart from them when necessary in order to bring about the criteria above. At COUNTRY CLUB, students become intercultural speakers. They learn English and practice their language skills through a number of activities and excursions. This approach ensures that students develop their English and communication skills, learn about India, and have fun at the same time.

School name:Country Club Residential Language School
Address:22/1, Circular Road
Zip & city:248001 Dehra Dun
Phone:91 09897420422

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