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Cristóbal Colon Spanish School

Colon Courses The Cristobal Colon Spanish School´s professional teachers designed these courses especially for travellers. All the courses are intensive, and cover all aspects of the Spanish language. The courses are taught in progression, level by level. Each contains a study program specifically designed for each level and takes between ten to twelve hours of classroom time. If you prefer you can make your own Spanish program depending on your requirements.Through these courses, the student receives sufficient skills to communicate as a tourist in a Spanish speaking enviroment, such as a hotel, resturant, bank or any other public area. The textbooks used are "Spanish for travellers” produced by the Universidad Católica del Ecuador and divided into five workbooks. * Courses for Beginners * Courses for Intermediate * Courses for Advanced Teaching methodology Every day teachers begin their class by presenting a brief outline of the day`s lesson. In the first two hours, students receive grammar lessons, while in the final two hours they practice conversation and pronunciation, accompanied by lectures and written exercises according to his/her level of Spanish. Classes are usually given in the morning from 9:00 until 13:00, and in the afternoon from 13:30 to 17:30. Classes can also be taught at home or in another place if so desired. Cristóbal Colón Spanish Language School has no preference regarding morning, afternoon or evening classes. We are flexible and able to accommodate the student’s needs.

School name:Cristóbal Colon Spanish School
Address:Av. Colòn 2088 y Versalles
Zip & city:17 03 543 Quito
Phone:(593-2) 2506508

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Cristóbal Colon Spanish School Language School Location

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