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Cuernavaca Language School

Our School
The CLS was founded by Dr. Ivan Illich+ as the "Centro Intercultural de Documentacion", better known as CIDOC in 1960. The School is one of Mexico's oldest and most respected language institutes. Our professional instructors have extensive experience in teaching Spanish as a second language. Our teaching methods facilitate rapid improvement in Spanish language skills regardless of the student’s current ability. Our approach is through total immersion.


Intensive Language Program

Our time-tested program takes an eclectic approach which combines both traditional and current language teaching principles. It successfully develops the four language skills, grammatical reflection and the knowledge and comprehension of the Mexican culture. It makes an approach through different perspectives: the linguistic, the thematic and the cultural. The language class size never exceeds five students and may be smaller. All instruction is provided by a native speaker and Spanish is the exclusive language of instruction.

Individual Language Program

The CLS also offers individual private instruction for students who, with an advanced ability or a restricted schedule, desire to study at a faster pace. For students who desire special language instruction in particular fields such as medicine, law, archeology or other disciplines, individual sessions can be arranged. Fees for individual specialized instruction are charged at the Individual Program rate.

- Medical Spanish Program
- Pastoral Spanish Program
- Business Spanish Program
- Spanish for Social Workers
- Law Spanish Program


An important part of the total immersion program is to live with a Mexican host family while studying at the CLS. It is also possible to stay in a hotel, but then a valuable portion of the experience is lost. Daily life with a host family offers students many opportunities to practice their language skills. Virtually all of our students stay with one of our host families.

We will make tentative arrangements for your housing and we will inform you the details before you make your trip. When possible, we will place only one or two students per family, but during the Summer months the student will sometimes share the available facilities of the household. We always strive to minimize shared accommodations to preserve the lifestyle of each household. Should you not be completely satisfied with your host family, the school will arrange to change your accommodations.

School name:Cuernavaca Language School
Address:Azalea #3 Jardines de Reforma
Zip & city:62269  Cuernavaca
Phone:(777) 317-5151

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