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Daniela Wasser School

Why study at DWS?

Staff. Our best asset: our teaching staff, coordinators and employees. The friendliness and efficiency of our staff is unquestionably what gives us an edge over our competitors.

The location of our School is a privilege. Being located in the neighbourhood of Palermo , away from the noise and the crowd always associated with a big city, will allow you to study spanish in a quiet and relaxed environment. At the same time, the city's centre is only 12 minutes away by underground.

The School building is modern and all our classrooms are equipped with the most advanced resources to support teaching activities (DVD, PCs, Audio equipment).

Unlimited Internet access. Our spanish School is opened 18 hours a day and allows its students to use the Internet without restrictions.

Small sized-classrooms. Being a massive spanish School is really not our target. Our courses have no more than 5 students each to ensure quick learning and active participation from all students.

Course diversity. You can choose the spanish course that best suits you from the wide range of training courses offered.

Accommodation quality. We appreciate that accommodation is a key aspect of your study trip. Therefore, DWS will choose the best house for your stay in Buenos Aires based on your likes and preferences. All houses are located in residential neighbourhoods and only a short walk from the School.

Before making up your mind, do not call us. We will call you. Personalised attention to each student is the key to our service. Taking the time to talk to you is a work practice here in DWS.

our spanish courses comprise the various Spanish varieties for the student to have a general knowledge of the language as well as an ability to distinguish specific features of it.

DWS organized its courses into 6 different levels.

Basic I & Basic II (A1 & A2)

A student with a Basic I level starts his spanish course without any previous knowledge of the language. At times, he handles a limited set of expressions (greetings, numbers, days of the week, etc.)

A student with a Basic II level starts his spanish course with an elementary Spanish knowledge. He is able to deliver simple production with a vocabulary restricted to the present tense. He is acquainted with communication rules to satisfy specific needs (such as to request information, place orders, or invite people).

Intermediate I & Intermediate II (B1 & B2)

The student who starts the Intermediate I spanish course has enough linguistic elements so as to retell either present and past situations, as well as to express expectations towards the future. He is able to communicate himself in daily situations without difficulties.

The student who starts the Intermediate II spanish course has a grammar control that lets him participate in communicative situations which prove to be more complex than daily events. His ability to retell and make descriptions acquires more accuracy and fluency.

Advanced I & Advanced II (C1 & C2)

The student who starts the Advanced I spanish course participates freely in real communicative situations of several complexities. He has a wide vocabulary and is familiar with the main features of the Spanish grammar.

The student who starts the Advanced II spanish course is able to argue and persuade as well as to express himself creatively. He participates in several communicative situations without difficulties in his comprehension.

School name:Daniela Wasser School
Address:Ave. Córdoba 4382
Zip & city:1414  Buenos Aires
Phone:+54 11 4777 3874

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Daniela Wasser School Language School Location

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