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Deutsch Studio Salzburg

Deutsch Studio Salzburg ... - specializes in German language training and German as a foreign language. - offers German courses and seminars for individuals and groups. - is a team of qualified experienced teachers with university degrees. - combines language learning with subjects as culture and customs of the country. - is an examination centre of the Austrian Language Diploma ÖSD. - offers a proof-reading service and helps you with problems of German expression and spelling. Courses and Seminars Do you prefer studying on your own or in a small group? Do you learn best non-stop or in small regular units? ? You have the choice: Group courses 2005/06 when you want to study in a small group and be with people from all over the world. Individual programs You plan your personal schedule and program with us. Intensive Summer Courses 2006 2 or 3 weeks of intensive language learning within an international group of participants.

School name:Deutsch Studio Salzburg
Address:Landhausgasse 1
Zip & city:A 5020 Salzburg
Phone:+43 662 87 26 82

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Deutsch Studio Salzburg Language School Location

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