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Didactique et Media pour notre Generation

Modern Standard Arabic Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is nobody’s mother tongue, but it is the language every educated Arab from Mauritania to Irak understands. It is the language newspapers and books are written in across the Arab World and which is used in most TV shows and radio broadcasts. For International Arabic we consider one to two 90-minute sessions a day as “intensive” as you will spend three times that amount on preparation and homework. Expect to spend a year (more if you have less time to study) until you can confidently pick up a newspaper and read it. If you are a beginner, we recommend to start with a 1-week "Explorer Course" in the dialect. It teaches useful phrases for every day living, but most importantly, the Arabic Alphabet. The Courses At DMG we offer courses on all levels in Moroccan Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic, Tamazight (Berber) and other languages. Moroccan Arabic Introductrory Courses Take half a day and get a taste of the rich and flavoursome spoken Arabic in our Curious Explorer course. Only a week of Arabic, our Serious Explorer course, will equip you with "survival" vocubulary and phrases, as well as the Arabic alphabet The Serious Explorer course is the basis for further studies of Moroccan Arabic. Modern Standard Arabic If you want to study Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) for professional or academic purposes, we offer courses on all levels.We also provide MSA courses as a supplement to our Moroccan Arabic language programme.

School name:Didactique et Media pour notre Generation
Address: B.P. 1658 ATLAS
Zip & city: Fez
Phone:(00 212) 35 60 34 75

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Didactique et Media pour notre Generation Language School Location

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