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Don Quijote

Welcome to the don Quijote school! Whatever your motivation -be it professional, career goals, examinations, your education in general or just plain fun- there is always a course that will fit you like a glove. Learning Spanish with don Quijote is more than learning the world's second most-used language. It also means having a wonderful experience and making friends from all over the world - all assets for life. We know an in-country Spanish course is an important investment, so we strive to make this unique experience more accessible by giving you more included services and offering long-duration discounts to help you make the the most of your investment. The longer you stay with us, the more advantages you get. Start adding up your discounts now and save up to 2,000 Euros! Spanish for Life Discounts on long duration courses: * 8 weeks or more of Super intensive course (30+5): 10% off the course price. * 12 weeks or more of intensive (20+5) course: 10% off the course price. * Free Fun course for stays of 36 weeks or more(choose among Flamenco, Wine Tasting, Scuba diving... and save up to 388 Euro) Why Don Quijote? * EAQUALS: After a thorough inspection, only six Spanish language schools, of which three belong to the don Quijote group (Granada,Salamanca and Tenerife) were granted ‘full member’status. See * Instituto Cervantes: The don Quijote schools at Granada, Salamanca and Tenerife, are Accredited Centers of Instituto Cervantes, the only official Spanish language institution. See * CEELE: seal of quality from the University of Alcalá in Madrid (don Quijote schools at Barcelona, Granada,Madrid, Salamanca, Seville and Tenerife). * Agreement with the Madrid Chamber of Commerce:don Quijote schools at Barcelona, Granada,Madrid, Salamanca, Seville and Tenerife.

School name:Don Quijote
Zip & city: Castellón de la Plana
Phone:+34 923 27 72 00

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