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Learn Spanish in Havana Havana is as much a capital of faded glory as of high, unbridled spirits; a place where little is allowed but anything is possible; a place defined by its contradictions and struggles that is slowly and currently rising like a phoenix from the ashes. Seize the moment to learn Spanish in Havana and get to know this fascinating city at a stimulating time in its ongoing development. About Havana The city itself is a beautiful pastiche of architecture, from Baroque and Neoclassical monuments to the Vedado neighborhood, where most of our host families live and Art Deco buildings abound. Old Havana and its fortifications are protected by UNESCO, so as you stroll through picturesque streets you'll feel yourself immersed in a living, breathing, intact artifact of a once prosperous capital's history. You can also head to the northern shore and amble along the popular Malecón, a stretch of coastline where natives and visitors alike gather to walk, mingle, revel in the sight of Havana's landmark buildings and gaze out onto crystal blue waters. Havana: a place where the infectious rhythms of son and salsa linger in the air, where friendly faces invite you in and make sure that you're not the only one with idle hips, where poets find their inspiration and poetry is ensconced in everything you see. learn Spanish in Havana and experience the magic for yourself. Enforex Havana is unique in that we do not have a central school. Instead, we provide an intimate, personalized learning environment organized by our well trained, highly educated teachers of Spanish as a foreign language. Classes are held either in the teacher's home, in the house of the host family or, for certain mini group courses, in a cultural center. All homes and centers are located in Vedado, a safe, residential area of the city full of Art Deco buildings and murals by famous Cuban artists. ENFOREX Havana is affiliated with UNEAC ( Unión de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba ), one of the country's most respected cultural organizations.

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