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English Language Matters Limited

Learning the English language is easy with English Language Matters Ltd. Study the English language in the beautiful city of Dunedin at one of the most caring and welcoming English language schools in New Zealand.

English Language Matters was established in January 2002 to provide the highest quality of English language learning possible. With highly trained and caring staff, we aim to make your learning experience not only productive, but also enjoyable. Read what students have to say about English Language Matters Ltd – see student recommendations.

Catering for the individual needs of students

English Language Matters Limited is a private language institute which caters for the needs of individual students. Courses are modular, allowing students flexibility to choose a programme which suits their individual needs.

English Language Matters Ltd is located in the heart of Dunedin city, and is in the same building as the New Zealand Immigration Service.

Sharron’s philosophy is that each learner is important, and their needs are paramount. A wide range of effective strategies is incorporated into each course to encourage learners to become confident in communicating effectively.

Conversation Assistants

We have native English speakers who visit the school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 11:00 to 12:00 to meet with our students. Each week your class will have one hour in a very small group with one of these Conversation Assistants. This is a wonderful chance for you to listen to different accents and voices, and of course to talk with local people.


All staff at English Language Matters are selected for their English language teaching skills and qualifications, as well as for their own experiences in other cultures. Not all our teaching staff are New Zealanders so they can give you their insights into adapting to New Zealand life. We also provide Conversation Assistants who are regular people from the Dunedin community who visit with your classes once a week for some ‘free style’ discussion of “Kiwi” (New Zealand) culture.

The Management at English Language Matters Limited are highly qualified with many years of experience in their fields. We even have a Registered Psychologist on staff as our Student Welfare Director, so your well-being could not be in better hands.

Cultural Activities

As part of our programme, there are different activities, which bring staff, conversation assistants, and students together. These include Kiwi breakfasts, barbecues, and gatherings at teachers’ homes, potluck lunches and picnics in summer as well as numerous class outings which are a part of your regular work

Special Events/Occasions

The school places importance on special occasions, acknowledging students’and teacher’s birthdays and the special events celebrated in New Zealand. For example, all students are given Easter eggs by the “Easter bunny,” and are taught the origin of the celebration. National holidays are acknowledged on the day they occur, with classes focusing on the meaning of these events, and encouragement is given for the students to go out and enjoy the significance of these occasions.

School name:English Language Matters Limited
Address:Level 2, Evan Parry House 43 Princes Street Dunedin, NZ
Zip & city:9016 Dunedin
Phone:+64 3 471 7257

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