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The Speak Spanish! Language Holidays program is organized by the English Chat Café, a friendly, British run innovative language school in Southern Spain. Our Spanish courses combine language learning with a touristic itinerary to suit all tastes ranging from tapas tours, horseback riding, flamenco, ski-ing, to long country walks and wine tasting...! We have adapted our courses to our students' needs, and offer courses for people who really need to "get out about in Spain" whether it's because you are buying property, have decided to come and live in Spain or if it's simply for a holiday break. The Speak Spanish! program enables you to SPEAK Spanish with fluency and accuracy in a relaxed, dynamic yet academic environment. Not only will you learn about Spanish culture, current affairs and literature but you will also learn how to converse about these topics in a coherent way. A variety of Spanish courses are taught by experienced native Spanish teachers in modern equipped chat rooms (class rooms) and in our lively cafeteria. What you will learn After attending one of our courses you will be able to express yourself articulately and be able to understand the language and respond with coherent expressions in a variety of situations. All courses are structured, fun and practical and designed to enable you to SPEAK, UNDERSTAND AND BE UNDERSTOOD so you can get out and about in Spain! Location The Speak Spanish! Program is situated in the beautiful and captivating city of Granada in the southern state of Andalusia in Spain. At one time the capital of Moorish Spain, Granada is also home of the enchanting Alhambra. The Speak Spanish! Program is located in the heart of the city centre near some of the best shops, cafés, tapas-bars, restaurants and cinemas. It is also within walking distance from all the historic monuments and museums. We offer # Practical, structured conversation courses # Combine language courses with tourism . Organise activities to cater for all tastes, Tapas Tours, Flamenco, quiet walks in the country, wine tasting... # Qualified experienced native Spanish teachers # Maximum 6 students per group # Preparation for the Diploma in Spanish as a Foreign Language (D.E.L.E.) # The most competitive prices in Andalucía # A British run, friendly and efficient language school Activities Tapas Talk! A weekly cultural language exchange over Sangria and some of the most exotic Tapas in Granada, Indian! Choose from Chicken Tika, Onion Bhaji, Bombay Aloo…(prepared by Taj Mahal Catering) The most delicious and sociable way to practise your Spanish with the natives. Flamenco Night Out Learn some simple Flamenco steps and dance the night away in the gypsy caves of the Sacromonte. Guided Tours Guided Tours of the Alhambra and historic sites of Granada with our in house official guide. Cultural Tapas Tours Visiting some of Granada's most popular Tapas bars inclusive of historic story telling. Sevillana Dancing Courses (For both men and women) Sevillana dancing, similar to Flamenco but not so intense, is most popular during the "The Day of the Cross, May" and "The Corpus Christi Fair, June" . In our courses all the vocabulary needed to twist, stamp your feet and make a flirtatious gesture (only for the women!) are pre-taught. Moorish Belly Dancing Classes Moorish Belly Dancing is somewhat of a passion here in Granada, where you will be able to learn the basics in order to get up and dance in one of Granada´s Moorish bars in the Albaicin. Night Clubs Dance the night away with your colleagues, you can choose between Salsa, Hip Hop, Pop, Rock, Funky and Jazz.

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Zip & city:18009  Granada

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