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Estudio Buenos Aires

Estudio Buenos Aires is one of the leading Spanish schools in Argentina. Established in 1978, our Spanish school offers custom Spanish courses from our certified staff of Spanish teachers. Studying Spanish in Buenos Aires offers the opportunity to enjoy the city's rich European culture and immerse oneself in a Spanish speaking atmosphere.

Why Spanish?

The rapidly expanding Hispanic population has made Spanish one of the most important languages in the emerging global economy. People at all levels of business, academia, and government are encountering the need to effectively communicate in the world's fastest growing language

Our School is located in the heart of downtown Buenos Aires. It is close to major shopping, banking and tourist attractions such as Plaza de Mayo, Florida Street, and the historic district of San Telmo, to name a few. Estudio Buenos Aires is situated within walking distance of most international hotels, theaters and cinemas, local transportation links as well as pubs, bars, restaurants and nightlife.

Immediate communication in Spanish is the goal of the course. The method stresses the development of speaking skills and listening comprehension through controlled oral practice. Vocabulary is related to the areas of activity of daily life. Grammar explanations are simple and practical, allowing the student to make immediate use of them in speaking. Rules are used actively: through exposure and practice, the correct forms begin to sound right to the student's ear.

We have found texts for Spanish instruction to be limited in many ways, particularly with adhering to students learning styles. Therefore, we have found manuals published by the Spanish Department of Universidad de Buenos Aires to be the most effective method for instruction. To supplement these materials, we provide a variety of instructional tools designed by professional staff. Materials might include handouts, visual aids and auditory listening exercises.

Extracurricular Activities:
EBA offers to its students a wide array of activities to supplement and reinforce their language experience in Buenos Aires. For a nominal fee students may attend or participate in sports events (soccer and basketball matches), visit places of interest in Buenos Aires (historic landmarks, the Opera, Tigre, etc.), spend an evening at a "real" Tango dance or take a day trip to a nearby "estancia".

School name:Estudio Buenos Aires
Address:Reconquista 962 - 3rd Floor
Zip & city: Buenos Aires

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Estudio Buenos Aires Language School Location

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