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The School

Located in the best area in Buenos Aires, our School provide students with everything they need: a relaxed environment, modern and comfortable classrooms and an excellent staff. We are proud of our team, who always go out of their way to cultivate an easy-going atmosphere conducive to enjoyable studying.

Because we want to make sure that every detail of your course and stay with us is well taken care of, we offer the following at our School:

• Cool staff, easy to interact with.
• Free Internet access.
• Chill-out and common areas for lunches, breaks and social events.
• Excellent location in the city (easy access by public transportation).
• Bars and cafés within walking distance.
• Various libraries and study areas.
• A fully equipped facility.
• Great schedule of activities.


Intensive Course

This course includes Group Spanish Lessons and allows students to carry out simple conversations, elaborate sentences and maintain fluency throughout dialogues.

Super Intensive Course

This course includes both, Group and individual Spanish Lessons combined per day and thus it will help you deepen areas you need to better up. Combine the Intensive course in a group in the morning with individual tuition in the afternoon.

Individual Course

This course includes Individual Lessons where you’ll be able to deepen areas that you feel that need strengthening. Take 20 hours of Spanish Lessons that involves private tuitions in the morning or in the afternoon with a teacher that will adapt the courses to your needs and level. Classrooms used are not shared with other students and thus it is the quickest way to learn or improve your Spanish.

Customized Course

These courses are designed to help you enlarge your vocabulary in determined areas of interest where you’ll be taught specific vocabulary and jargon of each area, alongside language grammar and structure.


Lodging is one of the most important elements in any great experience abroad. One invariably spends a large amount of time in their residence (at the very least sleeping!), and this space gradually becomes like home. We recognize this importance, and offer you comfortable places with great locations and amenities, as well as the coolest hosts!

Our Options Are:

Shared Apartment
The best option if you want to live with younger people who know the city, can introduce you to their friends, and, most importantly, can help you feel like a local.

• Cool people.
• Single rooms.
• Telephone access.
• Internet access (in almost all our apartments)
• Greater independence.

Home stay
If you want to discover how a typical Latin American family lives, and benefit from their guidance and care, this is your option. As a part of the daily life of a family, you’ll have the opportunity to practice your Spanish in a relaxed environment twenty-four hours a day. Our network of warm, welcoming families truly enjoys living with visitors from around the world, making home-stay a great experience for everyone.

• Breakfast and dinner daily (optional).
• Single rooms (fully furnished)
• Telephone access
• Internet access (in almost all our home stays)

Private Apartment
The independence afforded by an apartment for your exclusive use is priceless. All are located in the best neighborhoods, are fully equipped, and come with all the necessary services

• Fully furnished.
• Telephone access.
• Internet access (in almost all our apartments)

School name:Expanish
Address:Av. Pueyrredon 1316, 10 B
Zip & city:C1118AAQ  Buenos Aires
Phone:+54 11 4821 3055

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