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Experiencia Argentina

Experiencia Argentina is the S.F.L. (Spanish as a Foreign Language) Department of the prestigious translation and training company, ea, which guarantees the experience and quality in the provision of our service.

Our courses aim at developing the skills of reading and listening comprehension, speaking and writing, and they’re designed to adapt themselves to the specific needs of each particular student. As a differential feature, all our courses include classes of general Argentina culture, in which you’ll get acquainted with the different aspects of our culture: geography, customs and traditions, typical celebrations, folklore, cinema, idiosyncrasy, etc. They’re divided into eight levels, going from elementary to advanced courses.

Methodology and Teaching Materials:
n our courses, from the very beginning, we consider our students as an active part of the learning process, who wishes to communicate and who only needs to acquire the tools (the functioning of the language).

Thus, all our courses are based on a communicative and “by-task” approach, favouring the development of fluency and comprehension, and stimulating the student’s active participation. In turn, there is an additional grammatical work that revises grammatical structures associated to different communicative and expressive objectives. The cultural and pragmatic content is one of the core factors on which our study programmes work, making special emphasis on actual and current Latin American issues.

We aim at having the student engage as many senses as possible during his/her learning. With this purpose, we include other teaching means, like games, collage making, classes in nature, etc. Besides, as a complement to our classes, we organise cultural and recreational activities, providing a direct and permanent contact with the Argentine language and culture.

At the time of registration, you’ll make a level test to evaluate your Spanish level, your specific needs and to assign you to the appropriate class.

We have developed our teaching material and the bibliography to make the Spanish teaching and learning a logical process. Besides, we complement this material with newspaper articles, magazines and current videos to increase your vocabulary and fluency. We supply the material to be used.

School name:Experiencia Argentina
Address: Jujuy 309 - Centro
Zip & city:5435 Córdoba
Phone:1428 2680

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Experiencia Argentina Language School Location

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