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Fast Forward English Training Centre


The center itself takes up the entire fourth floor of the Jin Long building, and is well-provided with brand-new facilities. There are 13 classrooms in all, including private rooms for personal tutoring, as well as a two large function rooms used for our English corner and other social events. Our light and airy classrooms are all equipped with up-to-date teaching aids, including audio-visual equipment. The center has a computer room with DSL-internet connection allowing students to research English language web-sites and study materials - and of course, these facilities are available to all of our teaching staff. There is also a large DVD-screening room, which is used both for teaching purposes and our weekly movie-nights.


Package For Primary School Students
- Beginners: The students learn topics close to their daily life, such as weather, colour, month, animal, clothes, stationery and toilet things by visual and vivid pictures and games.
- Intermediate 1: The students learn topics close to their daily life, such as home appliances, time, transportation by visual and vivid pictures and games, and can express their own interest, hopes, and make up simple conversation.
- Intermediate 2: The students learn topics close to their daily life, such as food, week, price, occupation, entertainment by visual and vivid pictures and games, and can express their own feelings, and know how to express time
- Advanced 1: The students learn topics close to their daily life, such as country, travel, plan, price, number, animal,
clothes, food, view, occupation by visual and vivid pictures.

Package For Teenagers & Adults
- Beginners: Teaches day to day topics like jobs, family, weather, clothes, peoples appearance, food, shopping, sports, experiences, phone calls, making invitations and excuses
- Intermediate 1: Speaking, listening & writing will be improved greatly by learning a large vocabulary and doing a lot of exercises about more deep topics like prices, opinions, abilities, important events, music, identifying people, making & changing plans, giving suggestions, travel, advice & ordering food
- Intermediate 2: At the end of the course you will be able to talk fluently about things like transportation, lifestyle changes, wishes, making & refusing requests, abilities and skills, movies, books & emotions
- Advanced: Teaches how to describe stories, jobs, expectations, problems, solutions, preferences, learning methods, personal qualities, success, business, historic events, media, social issues, challenges and accomplishments in your life

Adult Courses
- Zero English: Each lesson is two hours long and teaches two or three lessons from the book. Students will be trained adequately in all four basic language skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening
- Advanced 2: Students will learn how to discuss many topics in detail like friends and family, education and learning, fascinating destinations, ‘sweet dreams’, importance of music, good science, personal secrets
- BEC: Teaches topics like company and job descriptions, financial statements, human resources, workplace health and safety issues, relocation, cash flow, entertaining clients, claiming expenses, performance reviews, acquisitions, stocks and shares, trade fairs & e-business
- IELTS: Prepares students for all aspects of the IELTS examination, speaking, listening, reading and writing.

School name:Fast Forward English Training Centre
Address:4th Floor, Building A, Jinlong Building
Zip & city:515000 Shantou
Phone:0086 754 8920001

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Fast Forward English Training Centre Language School Location

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