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Future School Australia

Future School harnesses proven educational methodologies and the full capabilities of modern technology to ensure its diverse e-learning range benefits students of all ages and abilities.

* According to constructivist theory and neuroscience, students refer to their own experiences to make sense of the world. Future School features integrated lessons drawing from real world examples to help students understand topic areas and expand their knowledge.
* Unlike many computer-based systems which utilise drills or repetitive exercises, Future School incorporates dynamic multimedia lessons and activities to encourage active application of information.
* Constructivist theory encourages students to take control of their learning. Future School Learning Systems are self-paced, allowing students of all ages and abilities to study effectively and independently.
* Constructivists and neuroscientists advocate multifaceted learning to reach all students. Future School appeals to:
o visual learners through digital tutorials featuring real teachers and colourful diagrams and pictures
o auditory learners through soundtracks accompanying digital tutorials, practice exercises and exams
o kinaesthetic learners through practical activities and projects explained in many digital tutorials.
* Students have different working styles for effective learning. For example, some students work better in the morning, others at night. The portable, flexible nature of Future School allows students to create their ideal study environment.
* Future School follows a programmed instruction model. This theory says students learn effectively using a large number of small steps, with positive reinforcement confirming the mastery of each step. Each Future School lesson is a small step to knowledge, while feedback at the end of each question (practice mode) or exercise (exam mode) confirms mastery.
* Future School Learning Systems also utilise methods advocated by brain-based learning studies, including:
o orchestrated immersion, which immerses students in an educational environment. This is seen most clearly in Future School's Discovering English program, where students learn to speak, listen and read English simultaneously
o relaxed alertness, which eliminates fear while maintaining a challenging environment. Future School eradicates the fear of peer and teacher scrutiny, allowing students to practise new skills at home and gain confidence
o active processing, focusing on interactive processes to consolidate and reinforce information. Future School's emphasis on hands-on tasks and interactive exercises does this.
* Constructivists say learning is only effective when considering its target audience. Future School structures lessons to state curricula which consider students' abilities at each year level. Tutorials also use age-appropriate language and teachers.
* Constructivists believe it takes time to learn. Future School knows this, so its self-paced lessons can be revisited as often as needed for true understanding.
* Constructivists say motivation is important for learning. Future School provides this through instant feedback during lessons and the FuturemindS e-newsletter.
* Computers have been criticised for taking away human interaction in the classroom. While Future School is a powerful educational tool, it never aims to replace the teacher. Future School complements classroom instruction, and is a valuable addition to any education.

School name:Future School Australia
Zip & city: Sydney
Phone:(02) 4323 3988

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Future School Australia Language School Location

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