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Galilea Spanish School

Who we are Galilea Spanish School was founded in 1988 as an educational center to take advantage of transformations in human resources and continuing education needs. Our principle objective is to facilitate and promote work training programs for the transitional labour market. Because of this, our system of Spanish language training is, above all, practical and systematic, so that, our students have a useful real shortly world command of the language of Cervantes. In addition to language classes, we teach necessary cultural information about the entire Spanish-speaking world to make the language applicable in many situations and countries. This kind of language learning method is especially applicable in the labour market. Galilea offers opportunities to put newly acquired language skills to use through our internship program in local small companies. Our Courses Galilea uses all the latest technological innovations available in the field of language teaching methods and offers a complete foreign studies program that will immerse you in the Spanish culture. Our Spanish program includes: * General courses at four different levels. * Internship opportunities in Spanish companies. * Volunteer Program. * Business Spanish. * Spanish History and Culture * D.E.L.E –Official Spanish Examination-. * Teaching Spanish as a foreign language * Individual classes. * Opportunity of gaining credits. * A certificate of attendance stating the level Spanish level achieved and the number of hours completed. * Grants for individual students and groups (minimum of 10 students). Methodology Galilea offers classes focused on the individual needs of our students. We teach in small groups with experienced teachers. Though we place special emphasis on oral communication skills to survive in everyday situations, our students also study reading, writing and grammar. At Galilea, students are active participants in their learning process. We use both traditional and innovative language teaching methods to guarantee language learning with results corresponding to your chosen level of study. Cultural Activities Galilea offers a wide variety of trips and local activities that will enhance your studies. By participating in activities you will gain a better understanding of the Spanish culture, cement friendships with fellow students, as well as meet new friends. Galilea is open to all suggestions from students for additional activities. All itineraries are samples and subject to change. Accommodation Galilea offers a wide variety of housing options, such as, private homes, student residences, and apartments with other foreign and/or Spanish students. Every experience offers a different perspective of Spanish culture, and a different experience in Granada. Galilea will work to make sure that you are always satisfied with your choice, helping to find alternative accommodations if there is an unresolved problem during your stay.

School name:Galilea Spanish School
Address:calle Manuel De Falla, 3,5 y 7 Bajos
Zip & city:18005  Granada
Phone:+ 34 958250925

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Galilea Spanish School Language School Location

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