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Guadalajara Language Center

Why Spanish at Guadalajara Language Center?

Our qualified, native Spanish language teachers will ensure a fulfilling and educative experience for students of all levels and ages. We offer Regular and Intensive Spanish Programs for a period of time set by you. Many Spanish language courses concentrate on a strictly grammatical approach. However, our Spanish programs as well as covering all areas of Spanish grammar required, give you a more conversational and interactive learning experience to the Spanish language.

Our Method
At Guadalajara Language Center we prefer not to use a rigid grammatical teaching method. Instead, a more conversational and interactive approach is employed.Even though all essential areas of grammar are covered, students learn not by endless grammar tables and repetition, but by using them in context that clarifies their meaning and use. This method we feel enhances language development , accelerates oral proficiency and is altogether more enjoyable for both student and teacher.

Our Class
On application, you have the choice of group or private tutoring. Group classes are limited to a maximum of 6 people in order not to inhibit or devalue the learning experience of our students. As a group member, you can choose to learn at a regular or intensive pace. The regular course is 2 hours per day, Monday to Friday. Intensive courses run for 4 hours daily, Monday to Friday. Alternatively, you can opt for private tutoring - one-on-one with one of our qualified, native language teachers at your pace. The Spanish classes here at GLC run in two blocks of two hours - 9am-11am and 11.30-1.30pm. As a private student there would also be an option of an afternoon session - 2pm-3/4pm. The total tutoring hours would be made up from one, two or all of these sessions. Of course, these options are often a matter of personal preference based on your own learning methods. All options on course type and your estimated length of stay can be selected on our application form. We do however try to accommodate any change of plan that may occur after submission, whether that be before or after your arrival at Guadalajara Language Center.

Our Materials
Our teachers are encouraged to give enjoyable and interactive classes leading to a specific learning objective. To this end, our teachers have at their disposable a library of many respected teaching texts with which to build their lessons. Teachers will from time to time suggest non-compulsory exercises for homework. Also, if you wish to supplement the Spanish classes with extra home study we can recommend a suitable text and help you acquire it.

All intensive group students have the option to leave the school with their tutor every Friday afternoon session. They can be taken into Guadalajara or Tlaquepaque to visit a culturally interesting place such as a museum or market. Moreover, every Saturday evening, students are invited to a local bar/restaurant for our 'Conversation Club' - a chance to practice the Spanish learnt in class with our English students and locals in an informal, relaxed setting. We encourage our students to participate in the many cultural activities available in Tlaquepaque and Guadalajara as a whole. These include Salsa dancing and Spanish guitar lessons. Our school is also near to a gymnasium of which we can aid you in providing a temporary membership.

On completion of your course at with at least a 90% attendance record, you will receive a certificate from Guadalajara Language Center. This will outline the number of hours studied and standard attained.

School name:Guadalajara Language Center
Address:Francisco I. Madero #160a San Pedro Tlaquepaque
Zip & city:45500 Guadalajara
Phone:+52 (33) 3635-2535

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