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Hitachi Schhol

Features * Small class sizes promote a friendly learning atmosphere. * Lessons are enjoyable and easy-to-understand. * Teaching staff are fully qualified and well experienced * High exam pass rates and graduation rates * Staff are approachable and helpful * Lots of activities and events * Regular health check Japanese Courses People may begin studying the Japanese language study for a variety of reasons and the most effective way to learn is not the same for everyone. At Ibaraki International Language Institute we offer a range of full and part-time courses to help all students meet their goals. Full Time Course * 1-2 year course, (beginning in either October or April) * Well-rounded coverage of reading, listening, speaking and writing in Japanese. * For those who plan to enter a Japanese university or graduate school * or for those who require Japanese language for their work. Short Term Course : * 2-12 week course. * For those wishing to learn enough Japanese to live in Japan and experience something of Japanese culture. * Also for those wishing to study towards a specific objective or just improve their Japanese Private Individual Lessons : * Learn at your own pace. * One-to-one tuition, structured to meet the individual student’s needs and objectives. Private Group Lessons : * Have fun studying Japanese with friends. * Lessons focus on improving communication and practical usage Lessons at home or in the work place : * An option for those who are unable to attend classes at the school. * Applicable to private (group and individual) lessons. Young Person’s Summer/Winter Course : * 10 day course (approximately). * Aimed at young people visiting Japan, the course is geared to provide an introduction to the Japanese language and culture. * A fun learning experience, through a combination of informal lessons, trips and activities.

School name:Hitachi Schhol
Address:Higashi Namekawa-Cho 2-44-10
Zip & city:317-0052 Ibaraki-Ken

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