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The Hutong School was founded in April 2005 in response to the growing demand of Western students, graduates and young professionals for internships and Chinese language courses in Beijing. We are committed to creating new opportunities for young talented students by linking them with both Chinese and international companies in Beijing. Through our programs, we aim to enhance our students’ understanding and knowledge about Chinese language and Chinese culture.
We attach great importance to the quality of our Chinese classes and internships, enabling students to acquire both linguistic and professional knowledge about China. Our teachers are all highly motivated and talented college graduates with a passion for teaching Chinese to foreigners. Our partner companies are equally passionate about training young talented people and sharing their professional insights with them.

Learn Chinese in Beijing. China courtyard: Learn Chinese to a conversational level in 3 months or more in the relaxing atmosphere of a traditional Chinese courtyard.
Our teaching method is specially designed for Westerners to learn Chinese by clearly separating the acquisition of spoken and written Chinese. To learn Chinese words and to learn Chinese characters are 2 very different things, so it makes sense to treat them separately.

* Who can learn Chinese through the Intensive Chinese Program?

The Intensive Chinese Program is open to any applicant, regardless of nationality, gender or race who wants to learn Chinese. Minimum required age is 18 years old.
The Hutong School Intensive Chinese Program is best suitable for:

• Absolute beginners who are very motivated, enthusiastic and eager to learn Chinese (conversational level) in a short period of time.
• ‘False beginners’: people who have taken a short-term course (less than 60 hours of classes) outside China but never had the chance to take a real ‘language bath’ and learn Chinese in China

Can people with intermediate or advanced also learn Chinese through the Intensive Chinese Program?

Yes, people with intermediate or advanced level have the following options to learn Chinese.

* What do we propose to students contacting us?

Our Hutong School Internship Package includes the following services:
• Internship Placement
• Accommodation in single rooms in modern apartments in Central Beijing (Jiaodaokou, Dongzhimen, Andingmen area)
• Chinese classes (10 hours/week) in small groups (or 4 hours private classes per week for more advanced students)
• Weekly activities such as lectures, excursions, cultural activities, etc.
• Airport pick-up
• Additional services such as assistance with Chinese visa application, registration in Beijing, networking support, travel inquiries, ticket booking, etc.

School name:Hutong School
Address:Jiugulou Dajie Shuangsi Hutong nr. 8 Xicheng District Beijing 100009
Zip & city:1000027 Beijing
Phone:+86-(0)10-6403 8670

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Hutong School Language School Location

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