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ILS International Language School

Method and Levels I.L.S has more than 60 teachers from 18 countries, each chosen for their experience in dealing with complex learning needs, their relevant qualifications, their professional specializations and their aptitude for team work. I.L.S offers its teachers a dynamic environment with numerous opportunities for professional development in advanced teaching techniques, in the use and design of learning support resources, in the development of stimulating learning materials and, above all, in the application of the Communicative Method. I.L.S. has adopted the "Common European Framework" for language levels both in evaluation of entry levels and in the identification of exit objectives following a learning programme. In order to favour a flexible and diversified approach to language study I.L.S.’ Learning Management Department applies creativity and innovation to the design of its courses. Through the integration of up to 5 study channels... 1. Class (individual and/or group face-to-face lessons) 2. CD ROM (multimedia-based modules for self-paced learning) 3. Web (e-mail, forum, chat on-line activities) 4. Telelanguage™ (structured dialogue and language development on the phone) 5. Book (study pack with choice books and learning materials) Group Courses Ideal for those looking for language development in a friendly and highly communicative context. Groups are formed by up to 8 students of a homogeneous level and have varying intensities and timetables depending on requirements. Our group courses are structured following a careful needs analysis, both individual and collective, to insure a homogeneous learning environment in terms of language level, motivation, interest and availability. After an initial face-to-face or on-line check-up and an in-depth interview at I.L.S. the right course for the specific need can be chosen. Individual Courses Ideal for those who require a flexible solution - "a course how and when you like!" Objectives and methods can be adapted to specific needs and a teacher, together with the Learning Management Department, will follow each step and phase in language learning. Before choosing an individual course the first step is to understand your specific needs and interests, to get to know you through an in-depth needs analysis. Through an initial face-to-face or on-line check-up, actual language levels can be gauged against a desired level as well as the opportunity to study. This allows I.L.S. to structure a specific language improvement plan on which to base ongoing learning activities, materials, exercises and tests and therefore accurately determine and monitor satisfaction and improvement. I.L.S. adopts a personalized approach that seeks to create a language study program that precisely reflects student needs and characteristics. The complex activity of constructing a language learning plan is carried out by the Learning Management Department whose experience in analysing and personalizing every learning element helps to define and complete the learning 'puzzle'.

School name:ILS International Language School
Address:via Disciplini, 5
Zip & city:20132 Milano
Phone:+39 02 72002665

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