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Spanish language learning here in Guadalajara, Mexico, is an opportunity to be involved in intensive Spanish instruction. Our institute is recognized as one of the finest Spanish language schools in Mexico. In addition, the city of Guadalajara is known throughout the entire country of Mexico as one of the most traditional of Mexican cities. Afterall, it is the birthplace of Mariachi music and Tequila.

For students who are looking for Spanish language schools, our Spanish language programs are backed up with over 35 years of experience in language instruction and offer you the possibility of participating in one of the finest Spanish language immersion programs available.

For those individuals that find Mexico especially interesting, the city of Guadalajara, with the warmth of its people, traditional hospitality, and true Mexican identity, make learning Spanish in Mexico an unforgettable cultural experience.


Although Spanish language schools in Mexico vary in course content considerably, we have developed Spanish language courses that target a wide range of student needs. Our intensive Spanish language programs focus on the needs of students, professionals, or individuals that would simply like to improve their Spanish language ability. Intensive Spanish language learning is made possible through close contact with native speakers and complete involvement in the Spanish language environment.

With over 33 years of Spanish language instruction experience, our Spanish language program in Guadalajara is designed to develop an overall fluency. In addition, studying Spanish in Mexico becomes simple as students find themselves completely immersed in using Spanish in every day conversation. It is a great opportunity for those that would like to study Spanish while on vacation in Mexico. Our course material is designed to generate real language development. Every aspect of the course material, from vocabulary enhancement to the classroom conversation exercises, is focused on Spanish language fluency in real situations. We are currently using a four part Spanish course that provides us with the flexibility to meet the needs of a wide range of ability levels. It uses an active communicative approach in which the students are asked to perform in real life situations with real purposes.


Studying Spanish in Mexico involves living the culture of the people. One of the fascinating features of our Spanish language study abroad program is the options we offer the student for housing accommodations. Intensive Spanish language learning is facilitated by actually living here in the language community.

Accommodation can be provided to our Spanish students at a very competitive rate. The accommodation available is clean and comfortable. All homestay families have been carefully selected and their properties inspected. All accommodation is available starting one day before the course and ending one day after the course.

School name:IMAC Spanish Language Programs
Address:Donato Guerra #180
Zip & city:44100  Guadalajara
Phone:(33) 3613-1080

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