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Academic outline The 2006 St. Petersburg summer immersion programs, designed for undergraduate and graduate students, journalists, businessman, cultural professionals, and others who wish to learn Russian or Business and to experience Russian life at first hand, offers the unusual combination of participating in an academic program and living with a Russian family, all at low cost. In St. Petersburg English-speaking Russian staff members coordinate support for living arrangements, transportation, academic affairs, and English-speaking volunteers to accompany the group during the whole session. Classes will take place at Info Study center which is located in the center of St. Petersburg. The academic component of the tour engages all registered participants in course work for four academic hours per day, five days per week, for each four-week session (80 hours per session). There are three sessions: June, July, and August starting from the very beginning of every month. For the "Russian Immersion Program" each student registers for a normal course load of 6 credits per session, comprising one 4-credit language course (3 hours daily), and one 2-credit elective (1 hour daily). Language courses - SL025 Introduction to Modern Russian I (4 credits) The fundamentals of the Russian alphabet, script, pronunciation, introductory grammar, vocabulary, and basic oral expression. For students with little or no previous exposure to formal Russian. - SL026 Introduction to Modern Russian II (4 credits) By special arrangement, for continuing students only. - SL047 Continuing Russian I (4 credits) A review of grammar fundamentals, including conjugation, verbal aspect, participles, prepositions, and numerals. Readings from short, accented Russian literary texts. Development of speaking and listening skills. For students with one year of college-level Russian or its equivalent. - SL048 Continuing Russian II (4 credits) A continuing course in Russian with attention to practical phonetics, composition, paraphrase (pereskaz), the reading and analysis of extended texts, vocabulary building, and effective use of the spoken language. For students with three semesters of college-level Russian or its equivalent. - SL227 Advanced Russian Grammar (4 credits) Intensive and rapid reading of difficult Russian texts, translation from English into Russian, correct expository composition in Russian, a review of fine points of Russian grammar, and extensive practice in speaking. For students with at least two full years of college-level Russian or its equivalent. - SL349 Advanced Russian Writing and Translation (4 credits) A study of the subtleties of Russian syntax, vocabulary and style through extensive analytic reading and through both imitative and original writing; the theory and practice of preparing refined translations. For students with at least five semesters of college-level Russian or its equivalent. - SL391 Advanced Tutorial: Russian Language (4 credits) By special permission, for continuing students only. May be repeated for credit.

School name:Info World, Ltd.
Address:Tavricheskaya st., 2-173
Zip & city: 193015 Saint Petersburg (ex Leningrad)
Phone:(812) 275-15-13

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Info World, Ltd. Language School Location

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