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A. General English This program is primary designed for those individuals who wish to learn English as a second language for their educational, personal and professional needs. Our program provides our students with professional language training not only in the classroom but also in the context of their daily life. We believe learning the English language can be fun and exciting as well as challenging and rewarding. Our high standard of excellence enables our students to achieve communicative competence in the English language and enhances overall individual growth and development. In today’s global economy, we believe that a good comment in English is an excellent investment. Our Method Infolingua's method of instcuction is UNIQUE. Our program is the result of over 15 years of experience in teaching English as a second language combined with research work and the most advanced means of language aquisition. Infolingua's method of instruction is LOGICAL. We have divided the foreign languages into small areas. Each week the student is responsible for manageable amount of work which builds on the lessons of the previous week. Infolingua's method of instruction is THOROUGH. After having studied a new component the student is tested. Results of the tests are entered on a graphic chart, so that, at a glance one can determine the areas of English that need a further concentration of study. Our teaching approach is focus on your needs and interests Teachers Our faculty members are experienced university educated professionals, some of them have learned a foreign language and enriched their theoretical knowledge through living and teaching abroad. Our teachers are selected for their expericuce in working with stundents and their ability to make language learning and active and rewarding process.

School name:infolingua
Address:Bacnana 32
Zip & city:11744 Athínai
Phone:01 9024080

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