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Inlingua Bourgogne

Language Learning
The English Club
As a training establishment specialised in professional language teaching, we offer lessons that are particularly suited to companies' specific requirements. All year round, professionals from a wide range of fields learn how to use different types of vocabulary for different uses of the language.
That's why we decided to form 'The English Club', a club offering a variety of activities in a non-conventional environment, open to each company.
The club organises a number of activities every year, based on assorted topics. Before each event, all our customer companies are sent an invitation with a reply slip, specifying the cost of the activity.

- Cinema and discussion
A sub-titled film shown in its original language, with an introduction by one of our teachers. After the film, a discussion about the film concludes the evening.
- Introduction to aromatherapy oils
Interactive presentation of aromatherapy oils by an English-speaker.
- International wine tasting
The chance to taste wine from around the world, plus a presentation and discussion about wine.
- Culturepub
The classrooms are transformed and decorated in the style of each country or continent. Our teachers await participants in the relevant room (12 nationalities). At inlingua® Burgundy: each teacher presents his or her culture by means of music, culinary specialities, wine, dances, customs etc.
- London business trip
A small group of customers sets off for London accompanied by some of our teachers. Once in London, they visit the "non-tourist" sights and put themselves in the shoes of a real Londoner. The aim of the trip is to gain a better understanding of local customs, communication in companies, schedules, presentations etc…
- Lunch
You can have lunch with one of our teachers at any time to learn about foreign eating habits.

Training Courses
Our courses are organised all year round, either in one of our centres or on your own premises, from Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 8:00 pm and on Saturdays from 8 am to 12 noon.
- Individual Courses
- Group Courses
- TOEIC and exam preparation

Our Teachers
Our language centre is particularly proud of its team of permanent teachers.
Even the best ideas and the best teaching methods are of no value without properly trained teachers. inlingua® in Burgundy has a team of permanent teachers who all teach in their native language.

They all have extensive professional experience and play an active part in training sessions on inlingua® teaching methods.Teachers at inlingua® language centres all around the world give lessons according to the same clearly defined principles:
• Teaching is done exclusively in the target language,
• The teacher lets the pupil speak as much as possible,
• Course participants are corrected actively and their abilities are tested on a regular basis,
• The structure of the training course is specially targeted and based on functional situations.
• Course participants are encouraged to play a creative role in the learning process,
• The teachers create and maintain a good teaching environment.

School name:Inlingua Bourgogne
Address:8, allée A. Bourland / BP 176
Zip & city:F-21005 Dijon
Phone:+33 3 80 600 280

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