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Inlingua Hannover

Inlingua Hannover professional trainers provide professional training: Factors like motivation and atmosphere or learning material and classrooms play an essential role, as for the quality of the language training. However, the key element is the trainer. His competence as well as pedagogical and human qualifications are the key to success. Our teachers have been trained methodically and always teach in their mother tongues. Their valuable features are the capacity for being understanding, patient and outgoing. The iTTN (inlingua Teacher Training Network) guarantees a constantly high level of foreign language education and only topical contents. From the very beginnig, you will have a contact person, as personal contact and communication is understood. experiencing a language means using it actively: Foreign language training is done by using the direct method which means direct use of the target language and speaking actively from day one of training. Our first priority is a lively confrontation with the language and contents. Therefore, discussions, question- and answer games, combination of ideas, role plays, gestures and facial expressions as well as the specific use of media play a very important role in comparison to theoretical explanations and exersises. This kind of actively guiding the participants to and through the training contents is followed by exercises which help to understand and train the correct usage. Regular tests help both trainers and participants by making possible difficulties and misunderstandings obvious and clarifying them. our group lessons: You want to learn a foreign language looking for an inexpensive but efficient opportunity? Then you should definitely join one of our group lessons. We recommend general group lessons if you want to start learning a foreign language or just brush existing knowledge mainly for private purposes or in preparation for a follow-up course. There can be various interests such as holidays, travel, hobbies and others. Or if you just want to enjoy learning a foreign language together with a friend. German Foreign language training using the direct method means lessons and native-language trainers in the target language of your choice. From the first lesson you only speak German, as we all learn by speaking and listening - in direct dialogue with each other. You learn to use the German language naturally without any inhibitions: there is a steady further development of your grammar knowledge, your active vocabulary and thus your ability to communicate. You actively practise having discussions, holding presentations, role plays as well as question and answer games - all supported by modern media.

School name:Inlingua Hannover
Address:Andreaestrasse 3
Zip & city:D-30159 Hannover
Phone:+49 511 32 45 80

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Inlingua Hannover Language School Location

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