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Inlingua Lausanne

Of all the factors which enter into the acquisition of a foreign language, the time the individual student speaks in class plays a decisive role.

It is not sufficient to listen to the teacher and the (often many) other students. Everyone must play an active part in the lesson and have the opportunity to express themselves, as often as possible, in order to practise what they learn. The speaking time of each student is one of the pillars of the inlingua system.

By limiting the number of participants to a maximum of seven per group, the inlingua micro-group formula offers a complete and cost-effective solution.

Private and Semi private courses:
- Analysis of requirements
Together, we examine your individual needs, your availability and the time necessary for the organization of the course.
- Assessment
A test establishes your present level of knowledge n a proven scale.
A detailed analysis of assessment is established.
- Proposal
We propose an individual training program which takes into account the preceding points and the means implemented for the achievement of your objective.
- Monitoring
Regular tests and course reports measure your progress and, according to the results, allow you to consider a modification of the pace.

Study Materials:
Our pedagogical research centre located in Berne ensures the continuous updating of our programs, the co-ordination of pedagogical research and the distribution of our own teaching aids ( books, CDs, cassettes, videos CD-ROMs etc. )

We offer a two-track approach to learning : a general program and a professional program. These parallel programs have been devised to enable you to change easily from one program to another at any stage of learning.

In each module, you will find a wide range of international and multi-cultural situations and contexts, a large selection of visual aids, regular revision of vocabulary and structures, pronunciation exercises etc, all presented with humour as the keynote.

Would you like to take an international exam ? No problem! Our method corresponds to the criteria of the ALTE ( Association of Language Testers in Europe ) which has established an internationally recognized scale of linguistic competence.

School name:Inlingua Lausanne
Address:Place Bel-Air 1
Zip & city:CH-1003 Lausanne
Phone:+41 21 323 94 15

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Inlingua Lausanne Language School Location

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